Two married virgins – part 5

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I ate at home and I hope he had eaten because it was night time when I snuck into the barracks. Tap Tap Tap. I could not knock too loud. I knew everyone was away for a week but I did not want anyone to catch me there anyhow. He opened the door and I walked in quickly.

JT: Hi, I just got out of the shower. I was about to go to sleep.

Me: So you’re tired? You’ve changed your mind?

JT: No, I thought you changed your mind.

Me: No sir, I’m not letting you out of this. You said you can teach me something, than do your job. I’ll be back. I’m going take a shower.

JT: Lol. Do you. I’ll be here when you get back.

I walked down the hall to the barracks female shower room. I washed off the way I always do, put on my silk undies, put on my robe and walked back to the room.

When I walked into the room, he had the whole room set the what KeyKey had the room set for my husband. The jokes quickly left my system. I felt so serious like he meant business. Playtime is over with. I was so shocked that I could not speak.

He had rose petals all over, Jodeci first CD playing, scented candles lit up all over the dark room. He took my hand and helped me moved my shocked body. He led me to the bed, took off my robe and sat me down on the bed. He pulled off my top and underwear then began to kiss me with that sexy kiss as he pushed me back to lay me down and I slid up to get my feet off the floor. He stood up and looked at my body, told me how beautiful my body was than laid down on the side of me.

JT: I’m sorry I wasted your time yesterday. I feel more comfortable here. Are you comfortable?

Me: Yes

I answered him as I looked him in his eyes because his face is right next to mine. He began to kiss me again, rolled his body back on top of me, yet he did not put his weight on me. He started kissing my ear and stuck his tongue into my ear. My neck was next and he bite slightly so I did not have to tell him to not put marks on me. He made sure he did not miss the other ear. I had never felt anything like that so I was getting hot but all I can think is, I hope he don’t mess this up by trying to go down on me again. I do not want to be tickled.

He moved down to me breast and my nipples got so hard. I began to pull on the covers to cover my body so he won’t go down on me. He noticed it so he moved to the side of me again. He rubbed his hand across my face and slide his hand down my body slowly to move the cover I had pulled over me. He looked at my body as he did so. Once he reached my thy, he slid his hand between my legs and began to touch all over my pussy. I had never had anyone to touch me like that before so it was weird for a minute than it began to feel so good. He was looking into my eyes as he seen me relax and close my eyes to hide my shame.

I hugged him and began to kiss him. My body began to roll with the movement of his hand. I was breathing so hard so I hugged him tightly so he won’t look in my face. I didn’t want him to see me enjoying it, but I definitely did not want him to stop. My breathing had gotten so heavy. I did not know what was happening to me. I held him very tight and pulled him on top of me. He placed his huge dick on my top of my pussy to rub it on my already throbbing clit. I could not take any more. I needed him to stop so I wrapped his ass up and locked him between my legs to get him to stop moving. His ass found a way to keep moving a little. I yelled so loud and cried like I was at a funeral. My body trembled so wildly. I was scared of what was happening to me. I covered my face with my hands to hide the ugly faces I knew I was making.

With him being loose from my death grip legs, he decided that it would help me to calm down if he kissed my pussy lips. He kissed them as if they were my actually lips, so soft and sexy. I put my hands on his head and he stuck his tongue inside my pussy and began to lick it up and down. I said oh shit and my body got real loose. He lift my legs and began to lick from, my ass to my clit.

Me: I can’t take anymore. You’re trying to kill me.

I said that as I cried.

JT: I’m not done yet.

He said that as he slid up my body and slid his dick into me. I came like crazy and started trembling again. I had to wrap my legs around him again to stop his ass from trying to kill me. When I began to yell again, he kissed me to cover my mouth so the MP’s won’t be called on us. I took a deep breath and said fuck this.

I flipped his ass over so I can get on top. I started riding his dick like I had a purpose in life. Fuck that, this lil boy is not going to be the only one bragging about his skills. His toes began to curl and I could feel him trying to stop me from riding him. I was standing on my legs, slamming on his dick, trying to brake that mother fucker. When he held me down to stop me, I dropped to my knees and started to slide up and down his dick slowly. I slid to the head and rode just the head than slam down on that mother fucker. He yelled.



He took a deep breath and tried to jump up so he can flip me. Fuck that shit. I’m not going to let this shit go down. I pushed him back and began to kiss him. I moved down his chest to suck his nipples. He moaned to show he was happy I was slowing things down so he can catch his breath. I got back up to my feet and turned my body sideways on him where one leg was under his legs and one was across his chest to lock him down. I never moved his dick from inside of me while I was making these moves. I pulled his legs up  to put them on my shoulders like a bitch. I began to fuck him hard while his legs was up like that. I had the meanest look on my face as I fucked the shit out of him. He caught that look and smiled at me as grabbed on to the bed sheets like it was his life saver.


Me: Ok

I took his legs down and slowed down my pump. I straddle my leg at his sides again and I turned backwards on him. I leaned back so his dick was pointed up towards his face and I was on my feet riding it slowly while letting my curly hair slide across his face. He grabbed on to my breast and sat up. I sat up to allow him to get up as I got on my knees. He began to kiss and bite on my back. I leaned forward to place my hands on the floor and turned upside down on him. He slide down to the edge of the bed with me and stood up to fuck me upside down. Than stopped suddenly.

JT: Oh fuck.

He sat down.

Me: What’s wrong?

JT: That’s a good question.

He ran to turn on the lights.

Me: What do you mean?

JT: You ever thought to look down to see why we are so extra wet?

I looked down and was shocked. I grabbed my robe and ran to the shower room. I was bleeding so I needed to clean off the blood. He came into the shower and looked at me in fear.

JT: I hope that’s your period.

Me: No, its not.

JT: Oh shit, what’s wrong?

Me: You broke my virginity.

JT: What! How is that?

Me: It hurt so we never did it all the way. He only stuck his fingers all the way into me. He would always cum before he stuck it in so when he came back up it was never all the way. We always wondered why I never did the bleeding when we first did it. I thought the bike I hurt myself on when I was a child had open me up because I was bleeding when I hurt myself.

 JT: Wow, I have had my very first virgin, who has been married for a year. Damn. I am so sorry. You all really needed help. I wish I had known that before I did this.

Me: Don’t worry about it. This is his fault in so many ways.

We both washed off and went back to the room. I was so shocked at this that my mind was all over the place as he held me and we fell to sleep.

We woke up the next day and I showed him that I was no longer bleeding so he can know it was not my period.

Me: So, do you want me to come back tonight?

He smiled.

JT: Do you mind if I take you out to eat first.

Me: Sure but it has to be off base.

JT: Cool. I will meet you at your house because you know I don’t have a car like you have. I’ll buy the meal. You let us use your ride.

Me: Ok, do you want me to come pick you up from here?

JT: No I will come to your house.

Me: Ok

I began to walk to the door and he stopped me. He started kissing me as I did to him when he left my home.

Me: Mmm, don’t make me fuck the shit out of you right now.

JT: Wow, what a big change. You never cussed before now.

Me: Shut up.

I looked at him with sexy eyes and kissed him once again, than I left.

I need to go think about what I am feeling now.

To be continued…

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