Two married virgins – part 2

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The next week, my husbands whole unit had to go to the field for field training so he and KeyKey were going away for one full week.

KeyKey left her room open for her boyfriend JT. He was so in love with her because she and he both had the same type of life and they could understand each other, but he knew she was still having sex with other men so he knew they would not stay together. He was trying to enjoy the time she was giving him now.

I knew everyone was gone but I wanted to see if she had left her room open for her boyfriend. His MOS was different from theirs so his unit was not going to the field with theirs. I walked into her room to see JT and his two friends were in there laughing and having fun.

Me: Hi, I thought I heard someone in my girls room. What are yall doing here?

JT: We are on lunch break and it’s better to chill here on base rather than go all the way back to our barracks in the next town. So is that ok with you ma’am?

He said that with a serious face and the whole room got quiet for my response. I though he was mad at me.

Me: I’m just making conversation, I’m not trying to check any of you. I know she is your girlfriend so she obviously left her room open for you to not have to travel off base away from your job. Sorry to bother you. I’ll leave.

I began to walk out of the room.

JT: Female! Sit down and stop being so serious. I was just playing with you. Damn!

His two friends started laughing and left the room. They said, we will see you back at work bro.

I sat down on the edge of her bed as he ordered me to do and just shut up.

JT: I’ll be there in a minute. Cover for me if I come back late.

Friends: We got you.

He laid down on the side of the bed and slid his head to land on my lap. I was nervous but I looked down into his eyes. He was a ruff looking man; but I found out that he had a beautiful voice on him, which made him look a little better.

JT: So what is it that you really want woman? I know your husband is in the field also. Why are you walking through these barracks alone?

Me: I was looking for you.

He sat up and looked unto my eyes with a smile on his face. He then stood up and sat on the dresser that was on front of me, with his arms folded.

JT: So why were you looking for me?

Me: Do you know why KeyKey and my husband were not at the club Friday?

The smile left his face.

JT: No

I stood up and started pacing as I explained it the him.

Me: Please don’t be mad at me, but I asked KeyKey to teach my husband how to have sex, because he and I were both virgins when we got married.

I began to cry. He looked at me in shock as if I just said something he had never heard of in his life. Than he went to a mad type look.

JT: And she said yes to it?

Me: Yes but it never happened. That is why he came to the club so early. He said he did not want her to teach him. He fussed at me for asking her to do that. He was so mad that he told me, why don’t you go do it. KeyKey offered to teach me but I will never let a woman teach me that. I just can’t. That is why we looked like we were arguing at the club.

He looked at me under eyed with a smirk on his face. He grabbed me when I paced in front of him and put his hands on my cheeks to wiped the tears from my eyes with his thumbs. He came close to me so our bodies can touch and he began kissing me with a soft passionate kiss. I hugged him around his waist and made the kiss a little more ruff to show him that I’m not a child. He was two years younger than me. He stopped the kiss and pushed back to talk to me.

JT: Hold up, if you want to learn, than let me show you how this should be done.

I looked at him crazy like fool I know how to kiss. I’m not that bad at love making that I need to go from square one. I kept that thought to myself and just stood there and allowed this lil ugly boy to treat me like I’m a child.

Me: Oooook

He came back close to me and grabbed my face again in order to teach me how to kiss the “right way.”

JT: When you kiss, your kisses should have a sexy sound to it so everyone around can hear you kissing. Your kisses should make everyone envious of what you are doing.

He guided my face into the softest and sexiest kiss I ever had in my life. I heard sexy smacking that made me so hot. I always wondered why my pussy would jump when he a KeyKey would kiss while they were out with my husband and I. I now realize that every time they stop kissing, he would look into my eyes to see if I was getting hot from hearing them. So I know he has been wanting me for a while now. He has been teasing me for a while and because of his looks I never noticed it.

I only started seeing him as better looking when he began singing when we go out on our double dates. I began to sing to let him know that I can sing too. He smiled at me when ever I sung with him. KeyKey was always on alert so she always looked to see the type of looks we gave each other. I never looked at him like I wanted him because I did not like what I seen. I would always turn and sing to my very good looking husband. I was not going to have her thinking she has something I wanted when my man look the best. KeyKey can tell that JT was trying to get my attention but she can tell that I was wondering why she made that ugly boy her main boyfriend. She had fucked a lot of good looking men on base, why was is he so special. I can tell that she would fuck him real good every time he tried to use me to make her jealous. When I would see her the next morning, she would tell me how she had to put it in his ass last night, as if the way she fucked him was his punishment. I never understood what in his ass meant, until much later.

I was so green, I never knew the flirting moves or sex talk. I never knew if anyone wanted me until they told me I want you, point blank. I never cared to learn any of that. I wanted to stay a child and enjoy all of my childhood, so I have no regrets. I never wanted to be like others who complain so much about they never had a childhood because they learned things they should not have learned too soon either by them being too nosy or by someone forcing them to learn. I know I have to grow up now before another woman get my husband into the game before I do.

After I melted from that very passionate and sexy kiss, JT put one of his hands between my legs and rubbed his hand across my pussy to see how wet and hot my pants had gotten.

JT: I can see you can tell the difference now. All I need to do now is kiss those lips next. Meet me here tonight if you really want to learn. I have to go back to work before I get in trouble.

I was feeling all tingly like I just had my first kiss and pussy rub.

Me: Ok, I’ll see you later, but why don’t you come to my house so I won’t be caught in these barracks?

JT: Ok then see you later.

We walked out the room and he shut the door. We looked into each others eyes and smiled, than we looked around to make sure no one was there to see us. I went to the restroom to go wipe the juice off my pussy before it shows on my pants. Plus I did not want to be seen walking out there with him. He left the building.

I went home to get ready for tonight. I cooked a romantic meal so he can see that my husband is happy about something I do. I have OCD so my house is spotless. I know KeyKey cant cook plus her room is not that clean. I’m not trying to take her ugly ass man, I just want him to know that sex is not all he should be looking for in a woman. That way, when ever she leaves him, he won’t hurt about it because she is not wife material anyhow. I went out and bought some silk night clothes to wear for this event. It can’t be too sexy because my husband will be thinking, why you did all that for him and not me?

All I can think is, I hope this works so I can learn quick and get him out of my house. I hope she not telling me lies about how good he is so I won’t be wasting my time with this lil boy.

Time is going by so damn slow….

To be continued…..

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