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Hello guys I’m Rahul from Bangalore average guy 5.5 is my dick size, I stay in north Bangalore I had interview on that day finished my interview and waiting for bus. As soon bus came I climbed, it was very rush due to school leaving hour it was around 3pm, there was nearly 15 stops to my destination. I’m waiting if I get any seat then got a seat I sat and listening to music then a girl came. I think she must be in 10th std but her feature was really good. She asked can you hold my bag the bus was full rush I took bag from her kept on my lap, she was just next to me I could smell her scent. I was seeing some video on YouTube then suddenly the driver applied brake she just fell on me, her soft hands body touch made my dick hard, she was like sorry I said that’s ok. She asked where will you get down, I said my stop, she was like hoo god I asked what happened, she said even I’ll get down there I need to sit down. I was not ready to give my seat cause I was tired. Next to me the person got down in next stop she sat next to me and took the bag. She was watching my cell what I’m watching. I asked where do you stay, she said the address which was two lane from my home. I asked her I have not seen her only till now cause from my birth I stay in the same area. She said we just shifted yesterday only, I was in aunt’s house after school I’m too going now to my new home. First time I introduce myself I’m Rahul. Finished my college. Looking for job. She said I’m Rohini studing in 10th std. Then we both got down she was confused how to go. I said I’ll guide you till my house then I’ll show the way how to go. We both started walking it was just 3 mins walk from bus stop to my home. We reached I guided her how to go she said can I use phone, she will call her dad and ask to come and pick up. My cell died no battery I invited her in home so she can call from landline. My mom came out and asked what happened I explained her. She called inside I went to my room got fresh up and came, my mom said that girl went, her father came. I said ok.

Then I didn’t see her for some days then I saw her with my cousin coming from school. I picked my cousin and asked her shall I drop you she said no I’ll go you people can leave. I dropped my cousin and sitting outside, she was going playing in her new cell phone, I called her asked new cell phone new area full busy. She said no just installing some apps. I asked what her number, she gave and saved my number, also in night I got goodnight message but I was busy with my cousin in oral sex I didn’t see that. In midnight I saw her message and slept.

Next day evening she was coming from school she asked I sent you message you did not reply, I said I slept early it was Ganesha festival time, she said ok and went. Later we used to chat normally it became close every time we used to chat till midnight, she had a separate room so there was no problem we used to speak alot and became too close. Once I asked her to come out at around 9pm, she came where we keep Ganesha, we were speaking sitting in corner of road. I started to smoke cig, she asked only smoking or hmmmmm.

I said everything I have tasted nothing left but left everything, she said even I want to try smoking drinking. I gave her cig to smoke she took one puff and gave back, it was already 10pm she went home. Next day was festival we could not meet next day. She came to corner of road and called me I was smoking cig there. She said I’ll smoke I said no this is not cig it’s special you should not. She was pleading pls pls, I have her one puff and took, she liked it she asked one more. I gave her she was high she said it’s really fun to be with you. We were chatting for some time and left. This continued for some days daily evening we used to meet and smoke and go home. One day I was waiting for her she didn’t come, I texted her no reply, I was getting bore sitting alone, I started to watch pron and smoking all of sudden she came I couldn’t close the video she saw that and turned herself back. I said sorry sit, she sat and said what all dirty thing you watch. I said what dirty I feel good watching. She saw my pant I was hard she pointed her finger why is this, I showed her porn see this is what it is. She said chee and we started to smoke. She left from there, in night she messaged me asking to send video let me also see, I sent her some videos.

Next day I asked her how was it, she said felt her underwear full wet after watching it. I said it’s common, day by day we started to discuss more. One day it was dark I asked her can I kiss you, she ok, we kissed for some time she was breathing heavily and said please enough and went home. In night she messaged saying she liked it but her underwear became wet so she went from there. Next day we smoked cig started to kiss, this time I tried to push her to wall and tried to press her boobs, she was moaning haaaaaa ummmmm haaaaa. I asked are you not wet today, she said don’t know I have not wore underwear. I lifted her skirt and touched her pussy it was little hairy, she started to bite me when I touched her pussy, I slowly came down and started to lick her pussy slowly entering her love hole with my tongue. She could not stand she was moaning ummmmmm haaaa ummmmmmm haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa ummmmmm. She came in no time and sat down, I removed my track pant and asked to suck it, she said no, I made her to lie and tried to push my dick in her hole, it was too tight not even entering in it, she was in full mood said to fuck her now. I tried pushing little she was in pain and biting her teeth. I kissed her and said control bit pain now and pushed completely with full force, she shouted ammmmmmaa ammmmmmaa aaaaaaa. I kissed her and lied on her for some time then removed little and pushed again, now her pain was less and started to enjoy. We fucked till I cum, she cumed several times while fucking. Later we went home, in night she messaged it was really super experience she need me again. Then later it continued, till today I fuck her when we both are horny, now she is going to college she bunk some time when nobody in her house we fuck there only till her parents come home.


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