Nature Walk – Part 3

As the next week went by I was wanking every morning and evening just thinking about those two stunners.

I’ve not really gone into much detail on their appearance before so let me give you a mental picture.

The blonde 5’8” long legs toned body with big natural tits. A smooth shaved pussy and had a rose tattoo on the small of her back. Her nipples were huge and she had the most amazing set of teeth, big white Hollywood Smile.

The brunette was around 5’2 very petite with smaller perter tits. The bust of a 20 year old. Her skin had a fading tan, again pussy was shaved and smooth as her peachy bottom.

The next Sunday was my birthday, I was so looking forward to my naughty present.

When I opened the hut door this time I was disappointed to say the least. It was empty. I’m there harder than the rock of Gibraltar with no pussy to bang.

An hour went by, but nothing.

Another hour, and at this point I thought it was all over. Gutted, thinking if only I had one last encounter. One more for the wank bank Would be amazing.

Then, the door started to creek. A younger lady. Much younger, around my age. Then followed the blonde.

Oh yes I thought, praise the lord !

The brunette nowhere to be seen but hey, who cares I’ve got 2 smoking hot blondes and a loaded cock to shoot.

The blonde introduced me to her daughter, a mirror image. She was actually 18 and home from university for the weekend.

She wanted to share my dick with her mum. Who was I to deny her ?

She looked like a prom queen and I wondered how I could get my cock out of my pants without shooting everywhere first.

“My daughter is a virgin and I want you to fuck her, break her in and be gentle. Very gentle “.

No foreplay, I couldn’t. No way could I with cumming.

Her mum took my cock and made sure it was solid. No problem there !

As her daughter lay back she fingered her shaved pink pussy and told me to hurry and get inside.

I duly obliged, she whimpered as each inch went in.

She was loving my rock hard cock, as I slowly went in and out, as fast.  She was literally screaming with ecstasy. She wanted it harder !!!!!

I want her mums finger in my arse again but first I must beg for it she said.

Beg to be fkd in the arse whilst fucking her daughter ? Mmm…. Fkn right I’ll beg

The screams were getting louder then her daughter squirted everywhere.

I was fucking like a stallion, all that masturbating was paying off.

“Mums turn” she whispered  “get that dick inside my dripping cunt and hammer away”

As I fkd her mum she sat there rubbing her pussy with one hand and feeling my cock as in went in and out of her mums juicy box

“Come all over my arse” she said

As I got closer to cumming I withdrew and her daughter wanked me all over her mums arse. She put me inside her gape and thrusted me forward to get every last drip out.

A truly awesome experience

That would be the last encounter I’d have with the blonde. Well, the mum anyway.

I had exchanged numbers with her daughter as I left and whilst not really being in a committed relationship, I frequently visited her at weekends at university.

That’s another story……