Nature Walk – Part 2

Upon returning the following Sunday, the weather was a lot drier but still very cold. As I approached the hut the sense of anticipation already had my cock hard way before I opened the door.

As I opened the hut door I was shocked but pleasantly surprised to find the Guy from last week wasn’t there. Instead was another lady around the same age as her.

I was barely in the door when the ‘new’ lady with long jet brown hair said “is that him” ?

”Yes that’s him” she said

I’d been in the hut just a few seconds and barely spoke a word and was being ravaged by them both. Naked within seconds and being sucked off by both women. Omg, I shot my load just as quick as last week.

They practically fought over who swallowed my cum

They told me to undress them both and pick which one I wanted to see finger fucked first by the other whilst I recovered with enough time to get hard again.

Before I new it there were dildos out and bodies lubed up.

They handed me a 12” dildo and wanted me to fuck them both with it

The new lady had a tighter pussy but I was fascinated by the blonde who’d took my virginity and spent most of my time pleasuring her.

I was rock hard again within minutes. The advantages of being young !

The brunette was getting really frustrated and demanded attention.

She wanted her arse pounding.

I lubed up the huge dildo but she wanted my somewhat smaller meat instead. She wanted Real cock ! And asked the blonde to show me how

The blonde lubed the brunettes arse, showing me how to handle the gaping hole, slipping her finger in slowly back n forth. Bringing her to the brink of climax.

” Now pound me and fill me with you thick white cum” she said

I must admit. It was a bit surreal, in the space of a week I had lost my virginity in both holes

This time, in her tight arse I was lasting longer than a few pumps and a squirt, I was 5 minutes in and still going with the brunette begging me to come soon. Then I felt a lubed up finger circling my own arse. The blonde had her finger up stroking my prostate.

Holy fuck, I lasted 3 pumps after that !

It felt strange but so did the whole situation, I’d recommend it if any guys out there haven’t had their arse hole finger fucked

Afterwards we said our good byes and I left them both still at it together licking each other out.

”See you next week?” They shouted as I closed the door

Part 3 to follow