Only for a day

Angela was sitting at home once again not having a date on this Friday night.  Slumming it on the couch catching up on TV that she has missed in the past few weeks.  She had always been one to keep to herself and didn’t have to many friends to speak of.  However, she did have one friend Emily that she talked to quite often and shared everything with, even her deepest darkest fetishes.  It just so happened on that Friday night that her friend Emily would give her the opportunity to act out one of her favorite fetishes.

“Hey Angela I been having some issues at my house the past few days do you think you might be able to stop over and help me out?” Emily said “Sure thing, I am literally doing nothing all night tonight and tomorrow so I am sure we can get your house into shape.”  Responded Angela. “Cool be at my house in 15min” and Emily hung up.   Angela rushed to get her clothes on.  Angela didn’t have the greatest figure but the past few months she has been going to the gym every day and it had started to show.  Her breast were the average C cup but she had always wanted them bigger.  She had thought about getting implants at some point but lost her job in the fall and is having touble making ends meet as is.  Angela threw on a pair of jeans and a low cut top and headed over to Emily’s place.

“What seems to be the issue Emily?” Angela said after opening Emily’s door

“Well this is kind of embarrassing but you see I have been having plumbing problems all week and I am supposed to have a group of friends over for a party tomorrow.” Emily said

“ I think its just a matter of replacing a couple parts but they won’t be here in time, and I don’t want my friends to come over and not be able to use the bathroom ya know?” She continued

“Well I don’t know what to tell you, it’s not like I have spare parts just laying around” Angela responded

“That’s kind of why I asked YOU to come over, I know you told me about your toilet slave fetish and I was hoping that maybe I could have you replace the needed parts.  It would just be for tomorrow and then ill replace the parts and free you” Emily proposed

“uhhh I mean it’s not like I haven’t thought about being used like that but I don’t think I can do something like that especially if you have a bunch of friends over.” Angela responded

“well at max it will be 7 people and I will pay you for your time”  Emily stated

“I have been kind of low on money lately, ever since I got laid off from my job last fall, and 7 people isn’t that bad I guess.”

“And its only for tomorrow…….” Angela continued

“Great follow me and I will show you where we are going to set you up” Emily responded

Angela followed Emily down the stairs into the basement, there were parts everywhere and it looked like Emily had spent the past few hours trying every tool imaginable trying to get one to work.  Angela followed Emily to a spot in the corner where a pipe came down from the ceiling.  The pipe looked like it was to continue all the way to the floor but there was just a tiny pipe protruding from the floor by about 5 or so inches.

Angela looked up and saw the pipe still had some water leaking off of it.

“Did you shut off the water?” Angela asked

“Of course! Otherwise water would have splashed down every time I took a bathroom break” Emily responded”

“uhhh so how exactly am I going to be put between these two pipes?  Angela asked

“well see I have a bunch of plastic tubs and a wide array of gags that I can rig up to be used as a sort of funnel for you.  As for beneath you, I’d probably just say a bucket for now that way your piss and shit doesn’t ruin the floor” Emily responded

“So, should we get started now?” Angela asked

“Yeah probably best to get you hooked up tonight, and make sure everything works and I can let you down tomorrow evening.” Emily responded

“sounds good, I am just a little nervous I have never done anything like this before.  Though I always wanted to, just never thought you’d be the one to help me.”

“life is full of surprises” Emily stated

Emily excused herself and came back several minutes later with a wide array of sex toys, bondage equipment and some plastic tubs and what looked to be a funnel.

“You may want to ditch your clothes for this, just in case it does spill or anything.” Emily asked

“good point” Angela responded

She then proceeded to strip down and set all of her clothes to the side.

“okay first we need to attach the tubes to bring them down to a tolerable level for you.” Emily stated

After attaching and using some sort of glue on the tubes the seemed to be almost eye level with Angela.

Emily then attached the funnel to the end of the tube, making sure there were no spots where there may be leaks.

“Okay now I want to put you into position, and for a little extra excitement for you I’m going to bind you up and leave a remote-controlled vibrator on you. That way you really enjoy yourself” Emily said

After tying Angela’s hands behind her back she reached down and stroked her clit, trying to get her nice and wet.

“I really hope you enjoy being my toilet for a day, I don’t want you to not like it and be stuck down here.   Ill check on you a couple times throughout the party to make sure you are doing okay.”

By this time, Angela was already moaning as Emily’s fingers worked her clit and slid the vibrator egg inside.

“Here these are special undies that still allow for bodily functions but will keep that egg inside you” Emily said

Angela was amused that she had put this much thought into everything, and was already fantasizing what it would be like stuck down here as a toilet for the next 24 hours.

“Can I try those on as well?” Angela said motioning with her face towards the nipple suckers

“What?… oh those? Emily responded

“They stay on the nipples pretty well I suppose but they are supposed to induce lactation.  I tried them for a bit, but couldn’t keep my routine with them.  I sort of lost interest.” Said Emily

“No worries, its only for a day so if I don’t like them, I don’t like them and won’t try them again.  Angela responded

Emily attached them to Angela’s modest chest and double checked for a good seal.

They were tight on Angela’s nipples and had already started sucking on them.

Okay last step here, all we gotta do is secure you to the funnel and put a bucket underneath you and I think we will be all set.

Emily got a bucket that looked like it could hold at least 10 gallons, and set it between Angela’s legs.

Emily moved Angela over to the funnel where it was open around 2-3 in wide

“how exactly are you going to make sure this stays on me?” Angela asked

“Well I have some glue that I will put around the seams, it usually takes about 20 minutes to dry and its completely water proof.” Emily responded

“You really have thought of everything” Angela Responded

“OH! I almost forgot we need a gag to keep your mouth open!” Emily Stated

She went and fetched a small gag from her back, it looked like a bit O shape and Angela really couldn’t believe that it would fit in her mouth.

Emily pulled angelas head back and forced the gag in locking it onto her teeth.  Emily then guided the funnel into angelas mouth and spurted glue around the edges.

“Now hold perfectly still while the glue sets.  I am going to run upstairs for a few and turn the water pressure down.  That way you don’t drown every time someone flushes the toilet.”  Emily said

Angela remained there thinking of how this experience will change her, and trying to guess how long it would be until her bladder was full and she used the bucket for the first time.

Angela’s mind started to wander as the feeling from the nipple suckers really started to arouse her again, and pictured all the people that would be using her tomorrow.

“Okay water is back on, and it has been about 30 minutes lemme check the seals.” Emily said

She ran her fingers over everything pretty happy about her work and then rubbed Angela’s clit once again just to tease her.

“Okay, now for the real test, ima use the bathroom upstairs.  I only have to pee so that shouldn’t be too bad for you.”

She went upstairs and after a few moments Angela heard the flushes and a bit of a rush of water was heard coming through the tubes.

Suddenly the water hit her tongue and she tasted Emily’s sweet nectar, she swallowed fast thinking she may drown, but there wasn’t much water with it.  It was over before she even realized it.

“Not bad, right?  Tap your foot if everything is okay and you are good to go, Tap it twice if you want to be let down.” Emily asked with a hopeful look in her eyes

Angela taped her foot once

“Yay! Im so glad! It’s been a long day. I’m going to bed” ill check on you in the morning just before the party starts goodnight!”  Emily said as she left the room

It took Angela longer than she thought it’d take to fall asleep that night, as the nipple suckers kept her on a a constant state of arousal.  Though the vibrator egg inside her remained dormant.

The next morning

“Good morning sunshine” Emily said

“My guests should be here any moment but I just wanted to make sure your still okay and everything”

Angela tapped her foot once

“good good” she said as she turned to head up the stairs

Just as she got to the bottom of the stairs she got a phone call.

Angela couldn’t hear much of what they were saying but Emily sounded nervous on the phone.

“How many?”  “umm I’m not sure I have the space for that many, guess I could run out and get some more finger foods…….

They will be here in 10 minutes?!

Oh my gosh crap. Never mind can you pick extra stuff up for me on your way over.

Emily turned back to Angela

“so, change of plan that party of 7 just turned into a party of 24.”

“I know it is not what you agreed to but its fine, I won’t serve that much food. You will be fine just try and hold in there okay? Emily stated

Emily continued up the stairs without even checking to see if Angela had tapped her foot or not.

Emily must have set to getting things ready cause all Angela heard was her running around scrambling trying to get everything done.  A few minutes later Angela heard the doorbell followed by several voices coming from upstairs.

Angela tried to distract herself with thinking about the nipple suckers, but her nipples felt almost raw at this point.  She enjoyed them but think that a full day might have been a little long to leave them on.

As Angela was lost in thought, she suddenly heard a male shout “HEY EMILY! Where is your bathroom? I haven’t gone since before I left”

Angela quivered and a few moments later heard the familiar rush of water as piss was shot into her mouth, she tried to pace herself a little more this time and the taste hit her taste buds of golden piss.  She gagged a little more this time, but she worked through it.  Suddenly the vibrator egg came alive inside her and shot up to the most intense level.  Emily must have kept the remote on her cause a few minutes later I died down.  As the day went on, Angela heard the party raging on upstairs as food had just been served.  Then it dawned on her……

Doesn’t Emily have 3 separate bathrooms? Do they all come down this pipe?

Just as she feared she heard several more people arrive and more bathrooms started to be used.

The second person to use the toilet had shit, and as it came down and filled Angelas mouth she almost vomited, after several seconds of gagging she tried to break the piece up. Though without the ability to use her teeth she had to use her tongue to break it up, and some of it still remained in her mouth even after swallowing as much as she could.

She didn’t like it nearly as much as she fantasized she would.

After about 6 or 7 people had used the bathroom she had felt a swelling in her belly.  Angelas bladder was now full and she finally used the bucket after several seconds she reveled in the new found comfort.  Though her belly was still a really bloated from all the piss and shit she had swallowed.  Everytime she swayed she felt her belly slosh with piss.

“Everything okay?” Emily asked

“no this is unbearable my stomach aches! And you have more than one bathroom I can’t swallow that much” at least that’s what she would have said if she wasn’t gagged all Emily heard was

“nnhn mmm umach aches,  mmm bathrum swalw?

“Your clit aches? And oh you like that much really? well good cause I may have a couple more people coming over.  But don’t worry only a few more hours” Emily said

“oh and ill leave the vibrator on for you.” She continued

Angela tried to furiously tap her foot but the power of the vibrator inside her was too much

She swallowed shit after shit, Emily must’ve been feeding them well cause the guests stayed for a good while.  Angela began to wonder if she would start to tell the people apart by the taste of their shit.

Angela’s mouth was full yet again with shit, as she felt the most recent addition of piss on it.  As much as she hated to think it, but with all the stimulation she had already came 5 times thanks to the vibrator and nipple suckers

“Hey Angela! I Just got a call from the plumber apparently, he is on his way!  Oh, and the party is almost over!” said Emily

Angela was already counting down the minutes until he got here and she was freed.  Her belly had swelled to look almost pregnant, and she had shit and pissed in the bucket enough times that the bottom couldn’t be seen clearly anymore.

The plumber arrived as the party was coming to a close, and Angela only heard part of what Emily told him.

“The darn middle piece is broken and was leaking all over the place”

I tried to fix it but I was in such a hurry to get this party together that I kinda just rigged up another option in the meantime.  Can you go look while I start cleaning up? Emily asked

“sure, I’ll take a look.  There hasn’t been a plumbing problem I haven’t been able to fix” He said

He ventured downstairs to find Angela trussed up with the funnel in her mouth he eyed her up and down and licked his lips a little.

“well this is unusual but hey I don’t judge” he said

Angela Squirmed and tried to voice her objection

He caressed her belly and began to touch her all over, and his hand went in between her legs

“wow you are really wet you must really love this” He said

He then pushed the bucket to the side and slid his finger in between her wet folds.

“I bet you get off on being used as a toilet slave for others, most girls I have seen do this only do it for a day or two and then refuse to try it again.”

“blink once if you want me to free you”

“blink twice if you love it so much you want to remain here forever”

She quickly blinked once

“That’s a shame, I thought you really got off on this.  Don’t worry you will eventually.  Sometimes it takes a couple weeks to forget what real food tastes like.  I have just the thing for sluts like you”

He then pulled out his Hard cock and impaled her on it.

Angela couldn’t believe this was happening and he must’ve felt the egg on his dick cause a second later it was out and set to the side.

He thrust over and over as she heard the familiar noise of running water and piss and shit hitting her taste buds.

Being distracted by him inside her, she didn’t swallow it but held it there in her mouth for some minutes.  She finally got it go down and in the time, she was trying to force it down he had just cum inside her.

“Wow that was great! It’s a Shame that you won’t be able to have sex for a while.

When you are set free all you will be able to think of is how you can get more piss and shit into your system.”  I will switch the bucket out and make it so you are completely integrated into her sewer system.  By the time you are free you will be a mindless toilet slave”

He then got several tubes followed by what looked like a dildo and he inserted it inside her. It must have been a vibrator too, because it soon came to life inside her.

“now this one will stretch your ass, its sensitive to water so anytime its exposed to water it expands the hole.” “so be careful how often you piss and shit, don’t wanna get you too stretched out.

This will keep ya from leaking everywhere, I also installed a catcher for your piss and shit so it will just go down the pipe from now on.  Also, while I was fucking ya, i had an idea.  Next time I visit I will bring a bunch of supplements to really get your sex drive going.  Maybe I’ll even drop in a few contraceptives too.  He then applied the glue all over her mouth and on the tubes.

You won’t be leaking anytime soon. You should know that this glue is nearly permanent, and that it only comes off with a special solvent.   Which I always keep on me just in case.

When your friend asks me to free you I will tell her its been backordered, that should buy me a couple weeks to train you up.

He gave her belly a quick pat, and headed up the stairs.

Emily caught him on the way out, and thanked him and asked when he will come back to fix everything.  He said it was already done, and not to worry that his company will just send her the bill.

“oh and by the way you may want to get her some vitamin shots, she can’t survive on that diet alone much longer.” And then walked out before Emily could say anything else.

Since most everything was cleaned up and everyone had left by then she headed down to find Angela in the basement and the bucket pushed to the side.

“omg are you okay? I totally forgot to tell him that you were down here!”  Emily asked

After looking around she saw that the pipe from the floor looked to be nearly impaling Angela now.  After several attempts to dislodge it she turned to Angela.

“looks like you might be on here for more than just today, don’t worry the plumber told me to run out an get you some vitamins to help you digest all that piss and shit.  I will give him a call back, to see if there is anything else we can do in the mean time.

On her way to the store to get vitamins she got a hold of the plumber who told her that the glue was nearly permanent, but just needs the solvent to dissolve it.  Though it was back ordered and may be some time before she got it.

When Emily got home she gave Angela a quick injection of vitamins and noticed that the milk suckers have finally started to induce some milk.

“Angela, it may take some time to get you down” Here I’ll turn on the egg again to at least make you a little more comfortable, then she realized it had been taken out and set to the side.  Then she saw that the tube that was impaling her had similar controls to her remote.  Standard 1-10 and random and extreme.  She clicked the button for random and told Angela that she hoped she enjoyed today. Angela couldn’t help but think about how long it may take for her to be removed, and if she would get pregnant from the plumber.

“ oh the plumber told me that he won’t be able to come back for 4 days, so I guess have to keep you fed till then”

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Written by RylieghMyers

I hope you all like my story, I hope to ideally turn this into at least a 3 part story.

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