Coimbatore couples – 3

Nearby our home a beggar there to whom my beggar’s wife usually gives food and other things and he is a scrawny black skin guy, he is bad smelly and wears a torn dhoti. It was raining outside and the beggar didn’t have any female beggar with him. So my chief beggar’s wife took him home and asked him to sit on the ground so he could get dry and gave him food. After two days the Beggar association called me for their place and my husband as chief guest for their festival, unfortunately, my husband said that day we want to be in Colombia for business meeting, so I told them we are not able to came for the festival, they all were very sad. A day before festival I had a slight fever, my lovable husband took me to hospital, doctor advised to take rest for 2 days so my husband canceled my flight ticket and told to me to take rest and also participate in the beggars festival, I agreed on that then I dropped my hubby in Coimbatore airport and returned back to festival. When I reached their place it was a small room not even as big as my kitchen, chief beggar’s wife was out at door and as soon I reached near the door female beggar 2 just invited me to their house. I went in, it was so small and other ten guys were waiting and I noted all of them were the beggars, they do some rituals as per their tradition so one beggar offered a cup of juice to me, I drank, it was bitter, after an hour they told me to remove my saree.

I was shocked then after some conversation I took off my saree and I was naked soon. Chief beggar told them first to make me dirty, I didn’t know what they meant. Then they took me to an open toilet and all pissed at me, I was requesting them please don’t do this but no one stopped. Then female beggar 2 slapped me and said now you got it. Old female beggar then said be prepared we will make you drink it too and put me in bed and told me to suck one of the fattest beggar’s dick, I put it in mouth, I could smell and taste his piss but I sucked it in, put it in my mouth and I was sucking it suddenly another brother came and started sucking my boos and biting. I shouted with pain Suddenly another ugliest beggar came to fuck me ass. They lifted me and made me like a dog and within no time inserted two fingers in ass hole. I shouted like anything and then chief beggar got up and put his dick in my ass and started fucking. I was shouting since it was paining without any lubricant oil etc. His brother beggar was fucking my mouth by now, meantime young beggar said he will load in my mouth and told me not to waste any drop. Beggar no 5 inserted his dick in my mouth and I could smell my ass hole in it, he started jerking and in no time my mouth was filled with his cum, they made me drink it all. Then the oldest male beggar came to me, opened my leg and he directly inserted his dick in it (my pussy was wet), he started fucking it hard and he went on to do it till he filled my pussy with his cum. Then he told me to clean his dick by sucking it which I did, I sucked it and cleaned it. Then the one handicap beggar came to me and told me to suck his ass, I sucked it too. I put my tongue in his ass hole and could feel some shit still there but they made me to lick it and I licked it for some time and then he said he will take my ass. I was like dog again and again my ass was taken harder, it was big and I was again in pain as ass hole was taken again without oil etc. He went on to take it till he was about to cum and he also made me to eat it. I was enjoying all acts even I didn’t say anything. Chief beggar’s wife came and told me so how are you feeling. I requested water. Another female beggar brought glass and told the handicap beggar to piss in it, I drank it. Female beggar 3 made me out of the room naked. I was made to drink that half piss filled glass and I had vomiting sensation but I managed to control. Then beggar 3 who was out till now his another brother beggar came to me and told me he likes to do it in open so let’s go out. They all do shit in open. They told me to lay on shit, it was so smelly and I was made to lie on shit ground and he took me hard in pussy. He was a good fucker, he was taking me hard and I was enjoying, shouting aaaaaaa. He also cummed in my pussy. I was tired. They all pissed over me when they wanted, even the chief beggar’s wife pissed on my mouth and face. They provided non veg lunch, we all were nude till now, the food was so hot and spicy I asked for water, for that the old aged beggar inserted his dick in mouth and he told that he is going to piss in my mouth. I could again taste the piss with dick, I was sucking it hard deep and suddenly he cummed all in my mouth. I just took it in and gave him nice smile and then I cleaned his dick with my tongue. They took me in deep countryside, gave me oil to apply in ass hole and pussy and just passed a comment with smile, don’t shout too much this oil will help you in that and they went. I was sitting naked in there and the chief beggar came in and was very happy to see me. He just came to me and with a rod like thing he beat me on my ass, it was very painful literally water came from my eyes. He then kissed me and said don’t worry. He then took his dick out to me to suck, it was big yummy even though dirty I took it in my mouth and I started sucking it like any things’ um. He then started to fuck me in mouth in force. I could taste pre cum in mouth, he was taking my mouth so hard that I was not able to breathe. I was enjoying it. Then he told me to be in dogs pose, I was soon in that pose. I was thinking he will take my ass or pussy. Suddenly he inserted his rod in my ass and I shouted like anything, he said keep quite. He then inserted his dick in my ass hole and started to fuck it like anything. He was in out in out in, I was shouting and enjoying, he was about to cum, he made me to take his dick in mouth and I started sucking it, I could taste my ass and his cum in my mouth then he suddenly cummed in my mouth and I took all in. He told me, you are very sexy and he will take my pussy later. Then he pisses in mouth, and again the handicap beggar asked me whether I can take piss in mouth, I said yes. He took me near tub and took his dick and told me to take his piss in mouth. I sat down and put his dick in my mouth, he started to piss, I took piss all in mouth, he was happy. I was sitting on open grass, suddenly the beggar 5 came inside and kissed me on lips very hard, while kissing he pressed my boobs so hard it was paining. He opened my leg and inserted two fingers in my pussy while kissing me. I was wet down, he then took his fingers out and put them in my mouth and told me to taste it, all three fingers were in my mouth. He then called his wife beggar, she came and I started to suck her pussy, I started sucking it hard, suddenly I felt the other beggar opened my leg and inserted his dick in my pussy, it was hard, I was enjoying, it was deep in soon I could feel it in umm. The beggar who was taking me in pussy was about to cum so he told me to suck his dick which I took in my mouth and the other guy who was fucking my mouth asked me for ass. I told him let me taste his cum first and started sucking it hard and soon my mouth was filled with his cum and I took it all in. Then I changed my position to doggy style, he smiled and came near me, just spread my leg to open my ass and inserted it in one go. I shouted, he started to take me hard I felt like my ass hole is going to tear apart, he was hard and taking my ass hard, he was banging my ass and he suddenly cummed inside my ass. I just got up took his dick in my mouth and cleaned it, he was happy. Then they told me he wants to shit on my mouth so they took my mouth and I opened my mouth. They both made me to lick their shit and went. I was tired and I went to medical first to have Ipill and then went home and took rest. My body smelt with piss and cum and I was enjoining it. I didn’t even take bath till next day.

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Coimbatore couples – Series


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