Banged Laxmi in washroom

Laxmi, our house hold maid is brooming my room. Its a nice morning to have look on her tits oozing out of her deep neck sameez. Looking from bed I can see her tits inside but not for long. I am on bed looking at her big bum covered in salwaar but I am opening and closing my eyes for her look. In a sudden our eyes met and she smiled…… ” Its 09:00 am sir, wake up.

(Garry) sure Laxmi but after finishing your work, clean my washroom also.

(Laxmi) ok I will do it. ” And I moved to washroom for refreshment. It have two doors, opens in my room as well as in backyards..

In the washroom, I opened the back door and moved outside backyard. Now I locked that door from outside to enter inside, when Laxmi will clean the washroom. Now I am in balcony with a cup of coffee. She is cleaning the floors. My mom is in kitchen preparing breakfast for us. Its a holiday and now I am waiting for Laxmi to enter my washroom. She is having tea with Lousie in the dinning hall. Now I can see her moving inside my room. I waited for a while and moved towards backyard..

I know Laxmi process of cleaning washroom. I waited for 5 minutes and than slowly opened the back door of washroom from out side and moved inside. She is shocked to see me and her hot body in undergarments only are making me hot and wild. I locked the door from inside and moved towards her as she moved back near the main door of washroom. Looking at her semi nude body, I moved closer to Laxmi and took her in my arms. Putting my lips on her face as she is trying to push me back……. ” Saheb your mom and sister is in home, if they will caught us doing it.

(Garry) don’t talk we will do it in 30 minutes only….. “.

I took her in my arms and put my lips on her lips and Laxmi pushed her tongue in my mouth. While sucking it, my hands are moving on her nude back. She is in her brassier and panty only. Her hand hold my bermuda and pulled it down. She took out her tongue and put her head on my shoulder. I removed her bra as well as panty. Now our clothes are on hanger and we both are nude. I opened the cascade to have bath and she leaned down to have my penis in her mouth. She is sucking it with her head swinging faster. Now I can feel her tongue rolling on my long hard penis. She sucked it again and I am now on my knees. She has stretched her legs wide and I put my lips on it to have kiss. My tongue is licking her glory hole and I have put my fingers to make it wide open and now my 1/2 of tongue is fucking her cunt. She has hold my hairs and screaming in joy….. “Oohhhuuuummmaaahhh saheb suck it I will cum…… ” And I took her vagina in my mouth and sucked it till her pussy become wet. I licked her cum and now we are in hurry for fuck.. Laxmi took no time to bend herself. We both are under cascade and she put her hands on wall and like a four legged animal, her bum is up and straight of my waist line. Now I pushed my penis in her vagina and started fucking her fastly. She is enjoying my fuck and wet cunt has made my dick moving smoothly. She is swinging her bum fastly and my penis is fucking her cunt….. After 5 minutes she started screaming…….. “Ooohhhuuummmaaahh saheb pl. Load your cum inside my vagina is in fire. ” But my penis is roaring inside deep valley. We both are having bath with a nice intercourse session, now we can hear knock on door and my mom’s voice……. ” Laxmi what you are doing inside.

(Laxmi) cleaned the washroom mam, now having bath. ” And after 15 minutes of deep penetration my penis cummed and I took it out to pour on her bum and she took in mouth to suck….. She left washroom from main door and I came out from back door….


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.