Old Tom

Tom had been born in the small country town, in all his sixty years he had hardly left the town except to go shopping in the city which he did not like he prefered the quite life of the small town, Tom was well known in the town some people thought that he was weird others thought that he was a very interesting man and would stop and speak with him when he was in town centre or tending his garden. Fourteen year old Sara was one of the girls who thought that Tom was weird and was often rude to him but her sister Amy who was two years younger was always polite to Tom and spoke with him, Amy had been seen to Tom’s house by her school teacher with a book for Tom and had been told she could go home after delivering the book. As Amy walked along Tom’s garden path she saw Tom through his window and saw that he was naked and stroking his dick, Amy stopped and watched for a couple of minutes then went and knocked on the door and after a few minutes when Tom opened the door and let Amy in, she smiled at him and said ” you have been caught” and when Tom asked her what she meant Amy told him what she had seen, Tom said”ah a peeping tom” Amy laughed and said ” get somebody to do it for you” Tom looked at her and said ” how about you” and was surprised when Amy said ” ok get it out” walking towards him as she did and when Amy said ” I like seeing the spunk come out of the cock” Tom could not believe what he was hearing and when Amy rubbed his crutch saying get it out Tom undid his trousers and when his still solid dick sprung out Amy got hold of it and started to stroke it saying ” don’t get any spunk on me” as she did, Tom stood enjoying the sensation of being jerked off by the young girl and after five minutes groaned as he squirted his cum. After cleaning up Tom told Amy she had been very good, Amy smiled and twenty minutes later was walking home thinking he has a big dick for an old man. A week later Amy went to collect the book from Tom and when she got to his house Amy smiled at Tom and said to him ” do you want me to wank you off again” Tome smiled and undid his trousers and sat on a dinning room chair, Amy walked over to him took his dick in her hand and started to jerk him and when Tom ran his hand over her backside Amy did not try to stop him just carried on jerking him, Tom pulled the zip on Amy’s tight skirt down and when it dropped to the the floor he saw that she had no panties on and started rubbing her bare bum, when Amy parted her legs a bit Tom slid his hand between Amy’s legs and started to rub her love tube and after a minute slid two fingers inside Amy’s love tube as he did Amy said ” nice” Tom started to masturbate Amy who was soon breathing very heavy, Tom saw the pokies in her blouse and started pushing his fingers up Amy’s love tube deeper and after ten minutes he Amy gushed crying out yes yes yes as she did. Twenty minutes later Amy was walking down the road and as she did remembered that she had not collected the book and thought I will go back for it later and five hours later was back at Tom’s house to collect the book and as she walked in Tom patted her bum making Amy smile, Tom went and got the book and as he walked back into the lounge he saw Amy stood with her jeans round her ankles Tom looked at her love tube and said to her ” take them off” Amy very quickly took her jeans right off, Tom smiled and when he said to Amy ” take your top off” Amy said ” that means I will be naked” then took her jumper off, Tom stood looking at the naked Amy’s body admiring her love tube and developing breasts that had erect nipples and went over to Amy and gently lay her on the floor and started licking her nipples while rubbing her love tube and when he slid his fingers inside Amy’s love tube he felt that it was quite moist, Tom removed his fingers and undid his trousers, Amy looked at Tom’s erect dick and opened her legs further smiling as she did, Tom knelt between Amy’s legs bent forward and slid his dick up Amy’s love tube and as he did Amy groaned, Tom started to gently thrust in and out of Amy’s love tube as he did Amy groaned in pleasure and after a few minutes Tom felt her climax but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube and after another five minutes Amy climaxed a second time and not long after Tom removed his dick from Amy’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body, after a hour Amy had got cleaned up and dressed and was sat looking at Tom and said to him ” that is better than wanking off” a hour after Amy had left Tom saw Amy’s sister Sara walking along his garden path he noticed her jeans were partly open and thought she is in a hurry. A few days later Amy arrived at Tom’s house with a class mate from her school with her and after half a hour Tom was looking at two naked young girls and half a hour after Amy’s friend was walking down the road feeling very satisfied while a still naked Amy was kneeing in front of Tom sucking his dick. The next day in the village shop Tom was having a joke with the owners wife who said ” he is sixty years of age he is well past it” Tom looked and thought I know some who would disagree.