The tower block of flats was in darkness due to a power cut following a fire at the local power station. There were candles burning in some flats, some of the residents had torches others just stumbled about bumping into things.. 12 year old Sally went to her friends house on the other side of town where they still had power, her brother Steve who was 16 years of age had just arrived home he lit the candles in his room listening to his mum nagging him about making sure the candles were not to close to anything that could catch light, a few minutes later Steve heard his mum yell I am off see you in the morning then the front door slam shut. Steve stripped off and walked to the lounge room naked he lit the candles hiss mum had blown out before leaving for work, he went in the kitchen got more candles took them to the lounge and lit them making the room bright. Amy who was in the same class as Sally and her best friend walked down the landing and was about to knock on the door when she saw Steve through the glass panel in the door and saw Steve standing naked his bum on show, Steve turned and Amy thought” wow yes” she could see Steve’s 7 inch hairy dick, Amy knocked on the door Steve went out of sight then reappeared wearing a towel, he went opened the door saw Amy grinning said” what you want Sally aint here” Amy told Steve she was here to collect some books, Steve let her in, Amy walked in grinning, Steve looked at her and asked her what she was grinning at, Amy said ” when I knocked on the door I saw you through the glass panel you were naked and I saw your bum and your dick, Steve looked at Amy who was smiling, Steve said” big deal anyone would think you never seen a cock before”  Amy said ” not one as big as yours it is massive wait till I tell Sally” Steve looked told Amy  not to” Amy asked why not Steve said ” just don’t” Amy told Steve it would cost him, and when Steve asked how much, Amy surprised him by saying I want to play with it, Steve looked at her told her ok and dropped his towel before sitting down, Amy sat beside Steve and held his dick then started to stroke it she felt it getting stiff and was soon stroking Steve’s 9 inch erection feeling it getting thicker after 10 minutes Steve squirted his cum in 4 spurts. Next night Amy went back and found Steve and his mate Mark both naked with erections and was soon stroking Mark with Steve saying hurry up.