What A Life

The weather was below freezing and the streets in the big city were very slippery due to ice, the road gritters were unable to cope with gritting all the streets which caused many people to slip on the pavements with some having to go to hospital, Pao was on her way to the hospital to … Continue reading What A Life

The Club

It was the early hours of the morning and the town was quiet, there was never much happening in the small quiet town so when a lot of police with their blue lights flashing  descended on the small street and lots of police offices some with police dogs rushed into the supermarket that had been … Continue reading The Club

Too Hot

The whole world was suffering from the extremely hot weather, the weather was the hottest that it had ever been known, there was a drought on with the little water available being rationed, crops were failing and food was also being rationed, hospitals were being over worked with sun related illnesses, the fire service was … Continue reading Too Hot

The Beach

The sandy beach was a well known place where illegal immigrants tried to enter England from the channel, there were regular patrols from the coast guards along the beach keeping an eye open for the small boats that brought the immigrants ashore often the boats were well over loaded and almost sinking, there were often … Continue reading The Beach

The Hero

It had been early in the morning when sixteen year old Palash was out delivering the early morning papers with his cousin who was four years younger than what he was and nick named ape because of the way he climbed trees, as they walked down the road Palash was thinking about his home country … Continue reading The Hero