The Retreat

The retreat was a very large house in the country side nobody knew much about it except that it was a home for the young trouble makers of society. Nobody who had been there would talk about it or what happened there but it was still known as a very hard place. Sixteen year old … Continue reading The Retreat

Bad Boy

Mark was a sixteen year old violent thug, he was a racist, homophobic out of control thug who drank cheap cider and smoked dope both of which he often stole, Mark did not have many friends in the small town where he lived but he had many enemies and there were many people that were … Continue reading Bad Boy

Turn On

John was sat in the cab of the large chemical tanker driving towards the chemical refinery on the outskirts of a small town, this was to be his last job before he retired and at nearly sixty five years of age he was glad to be retiring, he knew he would not pass another medical … Continue reading Turn On

The Pest

There had been a rumour floating around the town that there was a sex pest moving into one of the empty houses and like most rumours the story kept getting bits added to it, and residents of the town started to get worried, some residents ignored the rumours as they had heard many rumours before … Continue reading The Pest


The top security young offenders detention centre stood on the edge of the small town, it housed some of the most dangerous young offenders in the country and when it was first built there were many objections and protests from the residents of the town they had many concerns over the safety of their property … Continue reading Escape

The Village

Mrs Jones was stood in the kitchen of her cottage on the edge of the small English town fussing over her sixteen year old daughter Debbie who was going on a school trip to Africa and would be away from home for six weeks, Debbie’s twelve year old brother Kevin could not wait for Debbie … Continue reading The Village