Good Grades

Hi I’m Suzy I am 16 5ft 8 Shoulder length dark hair c cup bust and have green eyes. My grades have been slipping at school. As I am talker I quite often talk in class. This particular day Mr Hall asked to see me after school. He sat at his desk and I sat on a chair facing him he talked to me about my talking in class and my grades showing me my latest math’s test he was yet to mark but had looked through it and it wasn’t pretty. I asked him if I could re sit it and he give me some pointers. He said he was sure we could work something out if I was willing. I said I was. He asked me to come into the recourse room between two classrooms. He sat at the desk between two cupboards and I was asked to get some books down from the top shelf, I had to stretch and my short skirt rode up much to the pleasure of my teacher. I didn’t mind really, he was checking me out. He commented on my legs how nice they were and I was a attractive girl. I said thanks. I’m a virgin and have a boyfriend. He told me he would give me extra good grades for a small favour . What ? I asked him. A blowjob. he said. Ok I said knowing it was going to happen. I sat in the chair and he stood in front of me and dropped his trousers his big cock in front of me, It was 8 inches and a circumcised knob a full bush of pubic hair, I grabbed it the first time Id touched a penis and stroked it. He looked down at me smiling as I played with it the slid my lips over his shaft sucking up and down his fat shaft. That’s it Susan he said. No one calls me Susan everyone calls me Suzy, I actually enjoyed sucking it. Yes I have watched a porno with friends. Now I was actually giving my teacher oral sex. he held my head as I sucked it licking his shaft and his knob tasting his pre cum.
He groaned as he stood there looking down at me sucking his cock. That’s it he was saying suck it hard. I was. He was enjoying watching me suck it. He wasn’t sure when he was going to cum. He the took it out and sat down. he opened his legs and patted his knee asking me to sit. I knew if I sat I would end up having sex with him. Oh well I thought as I sat. You are sexy he said to me his hand on my knee. My skirt red pleated skirt sat mid thigh I wore a white blouse and a red tie part of school uniform. His hand slid up my thigh under my skirt on the outside of my thigh lifting my skirt as his hand found my hip and underwear. He lifted my skirt seeing my black knickers over my pussy. he pushed my legs open rubbing the outside of his knuckles over the silk fabric. Nice he said. He then moved his hand up to my bust caressing my blouse then took of my tie. Don’t be nervous he said this will give you good grades.
He dropped my tie to the floor and started undoing my blouse. button by button revealing more and more of my cleavage and bra. He smiled like a child unwrapping a present soon pushing my blouse open sliding it down my back. He looked at me as he caressed over my bra leaning in kissing my cleavage as he unclipped my blue bra taking it off my breasts falling out. He caressed them sucking my nipples then kissing my lips then back to my nipples. My 55 yr old teacher in the back room. Stand he said. I stood in front of him topless as he pulled me between his legs caressing my breasts sucking them as he slid his hands to me arse undoing my skirt dropping it to the floor.
“Are you a virgin ?” he asked
“Yes ” I said as he pulled down my underwear revealing my pussy. I sat in the chair my legs open as he knelt on the floor licking my clit and rubbing my pussy lips. He slid a finger inside me. I jumped as he finger fucked me and licked me out he could taste my sweet virgin juices.
“Nice pussy “he said as he licked it opening my lips with his fingers licking deep inside me as he circled my clit with his thumb.
” He slid up my body kissing my stomach and up to my breasts sucking my nipples grabbing his cock. He kissed my lips as I felt his knob against my vagina opening. I knew it would soon be inside me. I tensed as he pushed.
“I don’t want to get pregnant “I said
“You wont ” he said I have had a vasectomy he said as he pushed it deep inside my tight virgin pussy. It hurt but I worked though the pain as he slowly thrust me. He caressed my breasts and kissed my lips as he fucked me. He smiled as I felt his cock in me. I was actually enjoying it. My teacher in the back room I kept saying to myself Shit. After a while I orgasmed. Minutes later he filled me with cum filling my tight wet pussy.
I cleaned up and we dressed never to speak of that hour in the back room. Yes my grades improved with occasional coaching from my teacher.


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