The trek

16 year old Abdul was on school 48 hour school trek with 17 year old Steve and 16 year old Sara, he was acting as a guide. Sara was a hard nosed bitch from a local street gang and was well feared. Part way up a rocky hill Steve slipped rolled part way down the hill screaming as he did before stopping. Abdul rushed Steve’s side saw that his leg was broken with the bone sticking out through the skin. Abdul called up for mountain rescue and after half a hour a rescue helicopter landed near by, the crew examined Steve and said “they would lift Steve to hospital” then asked if they wanted to come. Sara said “she was dead scared of flying”. So Abdul would make camp and get Sara back to town in the morning. Steve was loaded into the helicopter and soon Abdul was stood alone with Sara, he looked at her said “I will make camp”, Sara said “how many tents you pitching”, Abdul replied two 1 each, Sara told him “when the chopper took off the wind made by clothes stick to me I saw the way you were staring at my chest with my jumper giving you a good look at the outline of my tits”. Abdul blushed pitched the tents made some food, a hour after bedding down Abdul heard Sara call, he looked out saw Sara sitting by the fire with just a towel wrapped round herself, she told him she had made a drink,  Abdul joined her, Sara asked him if he kept secrets, when Abdul nodded Sara said “you ever fuck a white girl”, Abdul said “I never tell who I fuck”, Sara smiled said “you can tell me”, Abdul repeated “I never tell”, Sara smiled said “if I let you would you fuck me”, Abdul smiled said “you bet I would love to”. Sara stood dropped her towel to the floor stood naked, Abdul looked at Sara’s naked boobs with the nipples erect then her shaved slit”. Sara said “come on then I never had a Bengali cock” and went inside her tent, Abdul stripped his shorts off and followed Sara into the tent where she was lying on her back, Abdul lay beside her and started to lick her erect nipples while rubbing her slit, then sliding a finger inside and feeling the moistness, after a minute or two Abdul sat across Sara’s legs, Sara looked at his 7 inch solid dick said “come on get that fucking cock in me and fuck me”. After a few seconds Abdul was sliding into the moist love tube pushing in as deep as he could, Sara groaned, Abdul started to push in and out getting harder and deeper, Sara started to moan and groan saying “yeah man fuck me harder”. Abdul went as hard as he could and after a few minutes felt Sara gush he kept pounding away feeling Sara gush twice more before he pulled out and shot his cum up Sara’s belly over her boobs with some landing on her chin. Sara scooped some onto her fingers then licked it off, they lay side by side, Sara said that was fucking good then added I want more of that before we go down. In the morning Abdul was making a drink when Sara stuck her head out the tent flaps said to Abdul “anybody about” after Abdul told her no and that nobody comes up here early, Sara went out of the tent still naked undid Abdul’s shorts pulled them down knelt down and started to suck on Abdul’s erection making him squirm as she did, after a few minutes Abdul said “I’m going to spunk”. Sara carried on sucking and when he shot his cum Sara swallowed it all then licked his dick clean, after half hour Abdul was erect again Sara went in the tent Abdul followed and found her on her knees with her bum in the air, it was not long before Abdul was pounding into Sara’s bum slapping it as he did.
Two days after returning Abdul was called to the heads office when he got there he saw Sara sat there, the head told him Sara had lost her phone in the hills would he take her back up to try and find it, Abdul said he would and was told 3 days of supplies were packed in case it took that long. On the way Sara pulled her phone out said “oh look my phone what are we going to do for 3 days on our own up there”.