The Swim

July was sitting in the changing room of the swimming pool where she had just been swimming, she had a towel wrapped round her body her bikini on the floor as she dried her hair with another towel, the other girls in the swimming team had already left telling sixteen year old July that she was a slow coach, July had been slow on purpose she was a thug and was hoping to find some rich pickings from among the other swimmers that were using the changing room, after a short while July had picked her target the Bengali daughter of a local shop keeper who July knew was nick named BB for some strange reason, July phoned her fourteen year old step brother Tony who she knew was waiting out side for her and told him that he had better go on home as she would be quite some time as she was with a friend. July watched BB as she dried her hair looking under the towel so as not to draw attention to herself, BB was also discreetly watching July hoping that the blonde haired bitch would remove her towel so that she could get a good look at her naked body, after a few minutes July stood and to the delight of BB July removed her towel, BB looked at July’s ample boobs loving the site and also looking at July’s nice shaved love tube, BB was in the same class as July’s step brother and knew him and thought he was lucky to have a sister with such a cute body, July got dressed unaware that she was being watched by the lesbian girl, July went to the hair dryer and after drying her hair went out side the changing room and pretended to use her phone while she waited for her target to appear and when BB came out of the changing room and headed to the stairs that lead to the underground car park where her bike was chained up July followed her, BB went down the stairs and into the car park and over to her bike, July entered the car park checked there was no body about and then crept up behind BB who was bent forward unlocking her bike, July got BB in a strangle hold produced a knife and held it to her face saying ” give me your money bitch” then got a shock as BB kicked her shins hard and threw July over her shoulder, July hit the floor hard  was winded and lay still, BB sat astride July’s stomach and once July had recovered, BB told her that she had picket on the wrong girl to rob because she held a black belt in karate and Judo, BB slap July round the face picked up July’s knife and said ” this thing sharp” July just nodded her head,  BB replied ” let me see how sharp and pulled the zip on July’s hoody down and opened it revealing July’s boobs that were covered with a blue bra BB inserted the knife between the cups of the bra and with one upward slice cut the bra open, BB pulled the cups apart looked at July’s boobs and said ” your tits are beauties ” July looked said ” you fucking lesbian ” BB said that is right I am a lesbian and your all mine” and started to rub July’s naked boobs, July was unable to move her arms because BB had her knees on July’s hands preventing July from moving, BB rubbed the white girls boobs and gently pinching her nipples the bent forward and started licking the nipples that had become erect, after a few minutes BB reached behind her and tugged at July’s jeans and felt the popper give. BB quickly turned round so she was facing July’s feet but still pinning her hands under her knees the pulled July’s jeans open and pushed them and her panties down, BB looked down at the cleanly shaved love tube in front of her and started to rub it, then after a few minutes BB inserted two fingers inside the love tube of the local thug girl and felt it was moist, BB smiled and started to push her fingers in and out going in as deep as she could with each inward push and after a few minutes felt July cum and heard her groan, BB smiled and carried on pushing her fingers in and out of July’s very wet love tube and soon heard July moaning softly and carried on with pushing her fingers in and out making July moan even more and after another few minutes felt July cum a second time but still carried on pushing in and out enjoying hearing July moan and soon felt her cum a third time but still carried on with her finger actions hearing July moan as she did and after a few more minutes felt July cum a fourth time, BB slowly pulled her fingers out of July’s love tube and after wiping her hands on July’s hoody unlocked her bike picked up her bag got on her bike and cycled out of the car park and cycled off  home whistling as she did, July lay still for a few minutes before standing up then pulled her jeans and panties up zipped up her hoody and walked home, A few nights later BB was on her own in the family owned small shop because of her martial art skills BB locked up every night and had pulled the main shutters down when July pushed in saying I want milk and went towards the fridge, BB was ready for trouble knowing that she could beat July, BB waited a minute then pulled the shutter to the door down then looked down at July and said to her ” let me know when you are ready and went behind the counter, after a minute or two July called out I am ready, BB slowly and carefully walked to the back and smiled when she saw thug girl July standing naked, BB smiled said in the back July went and was soon having her nipples licked by BB who had also stripped naked after locking the door, BB thought to herself it could be a long night.