Jyothi a sex bomb

Hello all…. This incident happened before 3 years ago when I was in my school time. The heroine of this story is my Jyothi. She is my aunt but a long relation from my father’s side. She was married in the age of 24 to a 27 years old man. They were Christian converted Hindu. After her marriage she visits our home after three years. She came to our home when she was 30 of age still no baby. She was talking to mom once I heard that she had some problem in her body.

That was a time when I don’t have mobile phone. Whenever relation come to our home or we visit relatives I get phone from them to play games. That was the time I love to play subway surfers and temple run games. I got mobile after I complete my school only. Alright going to story….. She and her husband for the first time coming to our house as she was feeling alone in home after uncle goes to work. She talked to me asked me how I’m doing. She made me sat near her and put her left arm across my shoulder and asking… How are you. I said fine. She asked me did I remember her. I said yes. Like this we were talking of course there’s are words that relatives ask small boy.

We were talking for long time. Meanwhile we talking I feel discomfort as she was in her saree and I’m at her left and her arm is across her shoulder. My fore arm is touching her left boob. I was focusing on my arm as it’s on contact with her boob. And I don’t want to move my hand from there as she would feel my hand moving and she thinks bad about me I don’t want that.

And above all my parents and her husband on the couch near us. I’m cautious on my hand move and at the same time answering to her questions. I wanted her to move my hand from her boob as I can’t move from there as I was in edge of the couch. And if she moves she won’t think bad about me I had that thought. If we were alone I can take my another hand inside to her boobs it’s not a matter the reason is all are there. I asked her mobile so that she may get up and take phone. She asked me why. I said to play game. She get up and took phone and said no battery. She put her mobile in charge and came back.

I don’t want game just wanted her to move that succeeded so I took some gap and sat. She said that I can use phone after the phone charged. We ate our lunch and she went in the evening. As her mother in law will tell something. She promised us that next time she come she will stay for at least a day. She went.

After eight months she one day called us that this weekend she is planning to come to our home in that eight month we build a another room in second floor. So we called her to come upstairs to our home. When we were in first floor house it was single bedroom home. Whereas this house is double bedroom. This time I have reached my eleventh standard. She came at Friday evening her husband dropped her at our home and chat with my parents with my parents and went in night. This time she is with us. She was planned to stay two days with us Saturday and Sunday.

This time I compelled my mom and bought a phone telling all are having phone. She asked my phone and she played some games in my phone and as usual I went to shower before sleep. I came out and she not like before we all slept. And the next day it was Saturday as usual my mom went to work and father also went to work. But only one this unusual she is in our house. She woke up and started doing some work in our home kitchen when I woke I saw she was washing vessel. She was in a nighty and I saw her back and assist was close fit to her structure.

She is not lean a little fat woman and having fair complexion. She is little shorter than me. Last time we meet I was under her boob but it was a embracing situation for me. I went near her and asked when you woke she said one hour before. J asked her why she is doing this work and said my mom do that all. She said no problems she is free and bored of no work.

She said me that mobile are for good purpose only not for other cause and asked me to us wiser. I said ok. And I added that I buy for playing games only. She asked me then who download A rated movie. I was silent now. She said if someone in her state no one agree this they will tell your parents and she added that so that she was little silent from yesterday night.

I said sorry. She said why telling sorry it’s not a crime but avoid this. She said watching is not bad but your history is full of porn. She said ” you don’t want this in this age”  she didn’t stop with this. She said” if you watch porn surely you will masturbate thinking us and added tell me how many times you masturbate thinking me. ” I was shocked to her these from her. I kept silent. She said ” who knows probably you may see wrong now also”

I said not like that. She said ok. I know she won’t say to my parents. Then she said watching porn is wrong. Then she asked me to speak what’s in my mind. I got tensed up and asked her” even your husband watch porn in his early age” she said that time no phone at all. I said her to watch her husband history yesterday also he watched porn. She asked me how I know. I said he searched for 16 year old girl sex videos. And said I saw that when I saw his phone. Abe said what’s his age and what’s my age. I said I don’t want to speak more than this. She said come on speak up I want to here what’s in your mind.

I said ” age is nothing and said every man has cock to throne. ” She said but I’m under age. I said” he is married no?” She said yes. I said then why there is a need for him to watch porn movie whenever he get hard on he can fuck you no then why there is need for him to watch porn. ”

She said” you are telling like married man should not watch porn” I said ” I’m saying why there is a need for porn” I asked her” why you telling me not to watch porn?” She said” if you watch you get hard on a time you see girls and wanted them” I said ” If that so why your husband watch porn he will get fuck with other woman also no. Then why he searched for 16 year old girl porn. When there is wife structured like you?”

She said no one can talk and win with you. I laughed and went to my room and locked the door and took her bag and took one of her bra and took it to my pussy and masturbate thinking her boobs. The bra was really big. I assume that her boobs also must be big. I cum inside of her white bra and went outside. She asked when I take bath. I said when you take bath I take bath. She said what! I said after you bath I bath that’s what I said. She said you speak more double meaning word and said all rubbish erotic moves in my head. I said I mean that only you only took in different meaning and feeling erotic.

She said is this your topic which you speak to your aunt all about sexual and asked me what I’m thinking about her. I said ” you are sexy this is what in my mind” I don’t know from where I get courage to tell all these to her but it work out. She said ” how you talking like that to your aunt you don’t have afraid of me that I tell you to your parents about this?” I said no. She asked why. I said that you itself know and confused her. She said you are crazy so I’m not getting irritated. I said if I talk sexier it’s crazy for you?

She went to bath and after that I went to bath. I smelled the aroma in the bathroom. I took her bra and smelled it. It was wet as she washed it now only. I opened the door slowly what she is doing out. As she came with inner skirt outside of the bathroom when I went inside. I wanted to see what she is doing. I wanted to see her secret so I opened slowly. She was changing wearing saree. I masturbate seeing her. She dressed and alerted I close the door and took bath.

I went out with towel. She went out and I took my towel and dried my body and wore my t shirt and shorts. She knocked the door and came in. I asked her ” can I ask you something?” She said yes. I said ” you wore bra?” She said this what you ask to your aunt. I said tell aunty. She replied yes. I laughed she asked why I’m laughing. I didn’t tell anything. She asked again. I said I masturbated with her bra. I said I cum inside her bra. She said don’t lie ” don’t know how to speak and what to speak”  I said I took her bra from the bag and cum in that.

She said” this is how you behave?” I said I want to like this to you. She asked me when my parents come I said two hours left. She said” you want something me to prepare to eat?” I said no she asked what I want? I said I want her. Immediately she said come and take ” if you want you should take of your own who ask why talking unnecessarily?” I asked her” really it’s you talking? A girl can’t talk straight forward to a boy ask sex above this. I asked her” aunty it’s you talking?”

She immediately kept hands on my head and kissed me . She was more horny I can’t control her lust. I took my hands to her waist and walked back and we both fell on the bed as my leg slipped. We rolled and I smelled her neck and licked her neck I quickly took my leg and put across her. I took my hand to her back and caressed her it made me more horny. Now my hand is waving at her back. Mean time she kissed my head forehead and lips. When she kissed my lip I took my lip to her lip and we were smooching she took my tongue inside her mouth and I rolled it inside her mouth. She said if her husband near her she said she would tell him that this is what sex.

I removed her saree and buried my face at her blouse. And popped her boob out and caressed her boob. I removed her blouse and threw her saree. Now she is left with the bra and petticoat.

She removed my pant and picked my tool. And rubbed my fully erect cock and chocked my dick she removed her bra and placed my dick between her boobs. She made to and fro motion of her boobs it felt awesome. Her boobs was very big I fondled her boobs it was hard for me to hold in my hand as her boobs were like large milk bags. I asked her how many time her husband fuck her per day. She said he will come daily and insert his dick and cum inside me and he sleep. Thats his routine. She said he never take care about her satisfaction.  I kissed and said trust me I give you the pleasure which he never gave you.

I removed my t shirt and she lifted her petticoat and rubbed her clit. I removed her petticoat and this wonderful sex beauty is nude. She has right parts in right place. She is like can take ten cock a day that much body to her. She came and lied on me and her boobs is hanging near me I bite that boobs and locked her nipple and  pushed my cock inside her cunt her pussy took my dick very smoothly. I pumped her pussy fast and she was enjoying that he boobs jumped in air and I turned her and fucked her hard and cum inside her pussy.

I complete the story in next part.