Fucked my ex-girlfriend in bus

Hi all this is Arjun again, this is a real story sharing my experience happed in some time past. Let me introduce myself I am Arun normal with hard and stiff tool to satisfy any girls or aunties.

This story happened during my college days, where we used to travel hometown by bus. It was one long weekend were people are in heavy ruch travelling. We usually travel in a single berth sleeper bus, but that time all the seats are booked and we were managed to get one double berth sleeper seats in bus. We boarded in koyambedu and travelling towards to a well known place in South of TamilNadu. Journey would take approximately 9 hrs and we boarded the bus around 10pm we had dinner and got some fruits for the night. It was spacious bed and we were just chit chatting for sometime waiting for the bus to cross outskirts of Chennai.

Then It came the time, sorry forgot to say her name. She is kirthana having good boobs and hour glass structure. We started smooching initially with slow phase and gradually extend the phase smooching for almost 20minutes and she wore a chudithar and a loose fit so that I can get access to her boobs easily by unzip the dress. She was horny and I asked to show her boobs and she readily agreed. Opened her bra and was able to get hold of one boob at a time and I started to suck it. She stated moaning, I was suckling like might not get another chance, sometimes used to bite it and make my mark in it. She loved it and started cooperation. Then she gave me the second boobs to suck. She opened my zip and start holding my cock and gradually started stroke up and down, it was a heavenly feel.

Slowly removed the knots in her chudi pants and started inserting fingers she started to moan, to stop her sound I started smooching her again. She was enjoying it a lot. Then I took an initiative and pushed her for a 69, what a lovely stuff. Inserted my cock in her mouth and took her pussy in my mouth. Started sucking her pussy very hard, opened her vaginal lips and put my tongue deep inside her hole as a pleasure full response from her she started to suck me very hard, she can’t control her pleasure and enjoyment. Her body started shivering and she finally came. But still my cock was very hard as a stick and now its my turn to drill down her pussy. Took my cock out of her mouth and inserted into her pussy in machinery position. She enjoyed a lot, with the movement of the bus it was very easy and cock was hitting very hard inside her. She was in plenty of pleasure.

Then we changed the position, she came on top of me. And her one of the boob was out and it made me very horny and uncontrollable situation where I took her boob in my mouth and she started to gradually jump so that my penis will go and touch deep inside her holes. She cummed multiple times, and the time she was almost exhausted and I told her that I am about to cum, so she suddenly stopped the jump and stated to give me a blowjob. Wow fortunate to get my cock sucked for the second time and I exploded all my cum into her mouth and she tasted everything without even wasting a bit. Then we took rest for sometime.

During that journey, I fucked her almost 4 times and she enjoyed a lot. Later we broke up and she got married and settled in abroad. But Even now we are in touch and having a good physical relationship.

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