No More Money – Part 1

It was a cool summer evening in 4060 as sixteen year old Steve walked home through the narrow country lane with his sister Amy who was a few years younger than what he was, Steve saw the headlights of the car coming up behind them and told Amy to keep well in to the side, the car passed them very close making Steve and Amy jump to one side, the car stopped and Cindy who was Steve’s age got out and shouted ” get out the road you dirty smelly buggers” before getting back in the car and the car driving off, Steve checked Amy was ok then walked on. Cindy lived with her sisters at the big house at the end of the lane and was known as the rich bitch, her dad owned a lot of property and was very rich. As they passed the house Steve saw the police vans in the grounds and his dads car, Steve went to find out what was going on and found out from his dad that the owner had been done for fraud and the family had lost everything and under the law they now owned the house and it’s contents because they were owned money and as the adults were going to prison the three daughters and son were their servants. Steve got Amy and went in the house telling her what had happened, Amy found Cindy in what had been her room, Amy said ” that gown your wearing is now ours take it off” Cindy knew what Amy was saying was right and took the gown off Amy then pointed at Cindy’s panties said    ” and those things” Cindy did as told and stood naked, Amy smiled said ” at last I can see your tits and your cunt” Cindy looked at Amy who smiled and said ” did you not know I am bi sexual” Amy told Cindy to run her a bath, Cindy went and did as Amy had said, when she had done so Cindy returned to her former room walked in and found Amy naked rubbing her love tube, Amy looked at Cindy said stand with your legs open, Cindy did,  Amy then noticed that Cindy had erect nipples, Amy smiled said ” you lesbi as well” Cindy walked over to Amy knelt down and started licking her love tube. then pushed her tongue right inside and started probing, after a few minutes Amy climaxed,  Cindy stood up said ” what did you ask” Cindy then told Amy she needs a better place to go after school to finger fuck herself, Amy looked at Cindy said ” what you mean” Cindy told her that she  watched her a few times in the back meadow with her skirt right up finger fucking herself, Amy smiled said ” from now on you will be licking my cunt”.