Nudist family antics (Truth be told really)

4 Pm.

Gary and his daughter drove into the garage. They sat for a minute and looked at each other. Gary smiled at his daughter.

” What a fun day. ” Chloe said.

” It was darling. ” He said. They opened the doors and stepped out. The garage door closing to a abrupt halt. They walked onto the kitchen.

” Mum’s cleaned up. ” Gary said smiling at Chloe.

Gary went into the bedroom seeing his wife’s clothes on the floor. Her underwear. Sitting in her skirt. He noticed the white stain on them. He knew it was her fathers cum. He heard Chloe coming he quickly hid them under her skirt on the floor. He stood and met at the doorway.

Chloe walking into her parents bedroom. Gary stepping behind her wrapping his arms around her waist kissing her neck his cock hard at the thought of his wife’s cum stained underwear.

” Beds made, our cum stained sheets in the wash. Clothes picked up….. ” Chloe said.

” …mum’s way of saying I know what you to did last night. ” He said

” It was such fun. ” She said.

” So tell me, how am I going to keep my hands off you and your mother ” Gary said. Chloe turned around in his arms wrapping them around her fathers neck. His eyes admiring her beautiful cleavage. He slid a hand to her arse lifting her dress putting his hand on her bare arse cheek.

” Self control. ” She said.

” Fuck, good luck with that. ” He said. ” Cant keep my hands off you. ”

” I’m your daughter. ” Chloe said smiling.

” Well then. ” He said smiling. They kissed there lips meeting. He felt his cock harden.

” Again. We only had sex a few hours ago. ” She said as they heard the garage door open.

” Mum’s home. ” He said. They kissed again and broke their embrace. Chloe went into her room and Gary met his wife in the kitchen.

” Hi darling. ” He said hugging her.

” Hello. ” She said kissing his lips.

” How was your night last night ? ” He asked smiling at his wife knowing she was with her father.

” Good. ” She said smiling as Chloe walked out.

” Hi mum. ” She said. ” Hows Aunty Carol ? ”

” Good dear. ” Nicky said smiling at her husband. Gary smiled back.

” So dinner with grandpa and grandma. ” Chloe said changing the subject. Yes they called they are in town and want to treat us to dinner. ” Nicky replied.

” Cool. ” Chloe replied.

” So what did you to get up to last night ? ” Nicky asked.

” Well it was a stormy night, we had a power cut. Dad comforted me…. ” Chloe said.

” You had a bath in my bath with red wine, then you fucked your father didn’t you ? ” Nicky said.

” Yeh I guess, it was very romantic and nice. Yes daddy popped my cherry. Didn’t you daddy ? ”

” Yes. ” He said.

” I know by the mess on the sheets. ” Nicky said. So you lost your virginity in your parents bed. ” Nicky said.

” No. ” Chloe replied. ” More like my parents shower. ” She said.

” Oh nice. ” Nicky replied.

” In the dark, we had a powercut. ” Gary replied.

” So please tell me, are you to going to keep having sex or is it a once off. ” Nicky asked.

” Id like it to be regular. ” Chloe replied smiling putting her arm around her father.

” Ok then darling. Have fun. ” Nicky said. ” We need to get ready to go. ” She added.

” Yes boss. ” Gary replied smiling at Chloe.

Chloe went to her bedroom taking off her dress. She removed her bra and dropped her panties. She lifted her panties seeing her dad’s globby cumin them. Her pussy wet with semen. She stepped into her shower washing herself. She stood under the water for a while washing her breasts, pussy, legs.

She got out and dried off. She went into the hallway and heard them talking softly.

Nicky hugged her husband kissing her.

” How was your night ? ” Gary asked.

” Great. ” Nicky said.

” I told Chloe you stayed at Aunty Carols. ” Gary said.

” Thanks. Dad was good. We had a fun night. ” Nicky replied.

Fuck. Chloe thought she wasn’t at Aunty Carols. She was with grandpa.

” Your mum was their? ” Gary asked.

” Real surprise. About to get undressed and he says he has a surprise. Mum walks out. It was like What ? ”

” What happened ? ” Gary asked.

Nicky closed the bedroom door. Chloe moved closer to hear.

” Well before I knew it. I was fucking dad in front of mum. ” She said.

Chloe gasped quietly. Fuck she thought mum’s fucking grandpa, her father. She slowly went back to her room and sat.

Nicky and Gary undressed taking a shower. Chloe smiled at the realisation both her and her mother were fucking their fathers. Instead of disgust she found it erotic that her dad let her. Let his wife have sex with her father. Was it a distraction off letting her husband fuck HIS daughter.

She stood walking to the kitchen naked. She picked up the phone and read a text from a guy who was keen on her. She thought he was cute. He was asking her on a date the next night. She considered it for a minute then text back ‘ Yes’

A girlfriend text her saying she wasn’t at school today is every thing ok. She text back. Every thing is great.

She sat texting for a while to friends.

Nicky then came to the kitchen in a red lace g string. Her pussy lips visible through the fabric. Chloe looked at her mother. She couldn’t believe her mother was secretly fucking her father, even though it turned her on.

” You getting ready or are you going naked ” ? Nucky asked.

” Trying to decide what to wear. ” She said. Gary walked our in his underwear and socks to the laundry. Seeing Chloe naked. His wife in her underwear.

” You going naked. ” He said to Chloe

” Its what I said. ” Nicky replied.

” I’m trying to decide what to wear, and I have a date tomorrow night. ” She said.

” Who ? ” Nicky asked

” Toby Grant. The football captain. ” She said.

” Take protection then. Its ok your father fucking you with no protection but other guys. Please be safe. ” Her mum said.

” Yes mum. ” She said sliding off the stool smiling at her parents. Gary’s eyes loving his daughters naked body. More now he saw her in a sexual way.

She returned to her room. She picked out a white lacy G String sliding it up her legs over her pussy. She put on a white matching padded bra. She picked up a white dress. She walked to the laundry standing next to her father ironing his clothes.

” Iron this to. ” She said smiling at her father.

” Iron it your bloody self a voice said from behind. Her mother slipping into the red dress she had worn the night before at the request of her parents.

” Nice undies. ” Gary said smiling at his daughter moving his eyes over her smiling moving out the way for her.

” Ok you to. ” Nicky said listening to her daughter and husband flirt. Gary going to the bedroom to dress.

Chloe stood ironing her dress. Nicky stood next to her.

” So you enjoyed it ? ” Nicky asked leaning on the wall watching her daughter iron her dress.

” Enjoy what ? ” Chloe asked knowing exactly what her mother was asking.

” Come on darling you know what. Having sex with your father. ” Nicky said.

” Yeh, I did. It was nice. A real man,a real cock. ” She said.

” It is a real cock. Its nice and big. I like them nice and big. ” Nicky said smiling.

” Them ? ” Chloe asked looking at her mother. ” How many have you had ? ” Chloe asked.

” I mean them as in cocks. I think they should be big. ” Nicky said.

” So your telling me you have only had dad. ” Chloe said. Nicky put her head down ”

” Chloe. ” Nicky said.

” You have has more than dad mum. ” Chloe said.

” We nearly ready ladies. ” Gary said coming into the laundry. Still ironing Chloe. Come on we need to go soon.

Chloe and her mum shared a look. Chloe looking at her I know your secret. Nicky feeling caught and her daughter knew. But did she know it was her father she was fucking. Chloe picked up her dress smiling at her father as she walked past. Her fathers eyes picturing her underwear. Knowing what she was wearing tonight under her dress. She stood in the kitchen sliding it over her body it was a tight white sleeveless dress with a scoop neckline fitting tight over her body. Her c cup breasts pushing against the fabric.

Her father and mother giving each other a look. As in a ‘ I think she suspects something look’

” Do my zip up dad. ” She asked turning around pulling her long blonde hair out the way. Gary pulled up the zip. Chloe returned to her room to do her make up.

Nicky looked at Gary in the kitchen. She could see Chloe in her room through the glass windows in the kitchen across the courtyard through her windows of her room. They watched her do her hair and make up.

” She knows something. ” Nicky said.

” About you and your dad ? ” He said.

” I don’t think shes clicked about dad. But she knows I have been with another guy. That guy been dad. ” Nicky said.

” Lets just play it by ear. If she pursues it we either tell her the truth or we say, that you, well I don’t know. Either had a affair or have seen someone before she was born. ” Gary said.

” She needs to know the truth. We say no secrets. ” Nicky said.

” Her knowing your having sex with your father. Is that a good idea. ” Gary said.

” Shes fucking you. Your her father. ” Nicky said.

” True. ” Gary said. ” A bit hypocritical of us isn’t it. ”

” Yes. ” Nicky replied. ” She thinks I lost my virginity with you at 18. When it was my father at 17. ”

” Her age. ” Gary said.

” Shes coming . ” Nicky said. A minute later she appeared in the kitchen.

” Ready. ” She said. She had black knee high boots on.

They left for the restaurant meeting Nicky’s parents their.

Pamela wore a black short sleeved dress mid thigh and black high heels. It was lined with lace over the top. Her silvery grey long hair hanging down her back. Gary was fond of hos wife’s mother. He so badly wanted to fuck her.

It was fair enough. Her father was fucking her. So why cant he fuck the mother.

They said hello kissing on the cheeks. Errol hugging his granddaughter mentioning how well she has grown into a beautiful young lady. Pamela agreed saying she had turned into a very beautiful sexy young lady. Gary’s cock hard knowing he had fucked her.

They sat at the table. The waitress bringing the menu. Gary and his daughter touching feet under the table. Gary wanted to take her to the rest rooms and fuck her.

They sat and ate talking and laughing. Chloe curious to who this other man in her mothers life was. Did dad know. She was been so coy about it. Chloe’s pussy moist at the thought of fucking her father. Nicky flirting with her parents from the night before and this morning

Nicky this morning fucking her father.

Chloe this morning fucking her father and in the afternoon.

The sex antics of the family. So discrete in public but behind closed doors a different situation.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.