Nudist family antics (Nicky’s secret Part 3)

She lay there. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. She had just had a threesome with her parents. She smiled to her self. Why ? She thought. Was it her mothers curiosity. She lay naked her father on her side, her mother at her other side.

Both parents fondling her breasts. Cum still oozed from her pussy. Nicely been wiped up by her mother wiping it into her skin.

” Well its getting late ” Pamela said circling her finger around her daughters areola.

” It is. ” Errol said doing the same.

” So am I your new toy ? ” She asked.

” Do you want to be darling. ” Her mother asked grinning.

” You would like that wouldn’t you? ” She said looking at the clock it was now 10.04. ” Shower time. ” She said sitting up. She stood and turned looking at her naked parents on the bed.

” Yes we would dear, wouldn’t we Errol. Having our daughter as a toy. ” Pamela said smiling at her daughter both looking up at her beautiful natural naked body. She reached over to the table and picked up a hair tie reaching behind her back lifting her hair tieing it. Pamela sat up running her hands up Nicky’s front. ” Your a beautiful sexy woman dear. ” Pamela said.

” Thanks mother. ” Nicky said smiling turning to the bathroom. She walked in turning on the shower. She looked in the mirror looking at herself. She smiled then sat on the toilet. She relaxed and started peeing as her mother walked it. She admired her mothers naked body. For her age she still looked great. She hoped she looked that good at her age.

Nicky stood wiping herself and flushing. She stepped in the shower as her mother sat on the toilet. Nicky washed her pussy, cleaning all her fathers cum off her. Her father walked in and stepped in the shower as Pamela used the toilet.

” A real family night. ” Errol said. ” Showering with my daughter, as my wife pisses in the toilet. ” He said.

” Yes dad. ” Nicky said lifting his cock washing it for him. Pamela stood wiping herself and picked up a hair tie and tied her hair. All three showering together in the big shower. They washed each other and talked and laughted. Mother Daughter Father sharing the shower
and their bodies.

After ten minutes, they got out and dried off. They poured another drink and got into bed. Nicky in the middle, her parents at her sides. Nicky lay on her back propped up on pillows. Her parents sitting next to her.

” I enjoyed that. ” Nicky said looking at her mother.

Pamela looked over at her daughter with satisfaction in her eyes. ” Oh your father and I did to. ” Pamela replied

” So how long have you been planning this ? ” Nicky asked.

” Oh a couple of months. ” Errol replied. Like we said your mother and I are. I guess whats the term …..?

” ….Voyuers. ” Nicky said.

” Guess we are. ” Pamela said. ” But your sisters dont know and we would like to keep it that way. ” Pamela added.

” Fair enough, ” Nicky replied. ” So mum including dad, how many men have you had sex with ? Is it really three ? ”

” Well ok. Including dad six. ” She said.

” SIX ” Nicky said. ” Mum, so five other men ?

” I watched your mother have a threesome with two younger men ” Errol said.

” My gosh. ” Nicky replied. ” My mother’s getting more sex than me. ” Nicky said

Pamela smiled at her husband. ” Guess I am, you need to catch up to your mother. ” She replied grinning at Nicky. ” Oh and one woman to. ”

” A female, so your bi sexual. Is she bi sexual dad. ”

Errol looked at his wife. ” Yes your mother is. ” He replied.

” Oh wow. ” That explains how much you enjoyed playing with my pussy. It was nice by the way, but my mother. ” Nicky replied looking at Pamela.

” So what other things are you into. How did all this start. I know dad and I have been fucking for years. But this new life you have started. ” Nicky asked.

” Well I guess. Knowing you and your father have been in a sexual relationship, that your family are nudist. Your father and I walk around the house naked anyway but we have been a bit more aware and adventurous. Like now we used to dress to go outside. Living in country like you do. We go outside naked. We garden naked. Feed the animals naked. In fact spend a lot of time in the nude now. ” Pamela said smiling.

” Your mother flirts with tradesmen to. ” Errol said. ” The other day a plumber came to do some work. We were both dressed your mother wore short gown. Short I mean knee length. Not arse length. No underwear or bra. ”

” Mother ” Nicky said.

” He nipples were showing through the fabric. So I left the plumber and my wife in the kitchen alone and went to my office for her to freely flirt. ”

” How old was he ? ” Nicky asked.

” Young chap about thirty. ” Nicky said.

” Did you fuck him ? ” Nicky asked.

” No but my gown might have accidentally flashed a boob. ” Pamela said.

” So you planned it. ” Nicky asked.

” Oh yes. I think he enjoyed seeing my tit. ” Pamela replied.

” So all these men your fucking, with dad downstairs. Where do you meet them ? ” Nicky asked..

” Your asking your mother for advice on where to meet men. ” Errol said cheekily.

” No, I could pick up men if I wanted to. ” Nicky replied.

” Oh, I met them in bars, I tell them that my husbands home and doesn’t mind me bringing men home for sex. Most find it slightly weird but some find it extremely erotic, coming home to have sex, meeting her husband and going upstairs and having breakfast with us in the morning. ” Pamela said smiling

” Oh wow. ” Nicky said.

” Well. I’m not getting any younger dear, if men still find me sexy and fuckable even younger men. Why not. ” She said. ” You should try it. ”

” Really, bring men home to fuck, with my husband their. ” Nicky said.

” Yeh, it works for your father and I. ” Pamela replied.

” You really don’t mind dad.? ” Nicky asked.

” No not one bit, having breakfast naked with your mother and the guy she fucked and spent the night with the next morning. So nice. ” Errol replied.

” You sleep in the spare room. While your wife sleeps in your bed fucking a complete stranger. ” Nicky said.

” Yes. I lie in bed listening to them fuck. ” Errol said.

” Wow. ” Nicky said.

” You should try it darling. Sure your husband wont mind. He doesn’t mind you fucking me. ” Errol replied.

” No he loves it. He loves the fact your fucking me. He loves knowing when I’m away with you we are having sex. Especially the pictures I send him. ” Nicky replied.

” We have been thinking about something else as well. ” Pamela said

” Whats that mother ? ”

” Well, you and your husband are nudists, me and your father are now nudists. We haven’t ventured out to nudist beaches or camps yet. That’s our next thing. But how would you feel about us coming for dinner. You know… ”

” …naked. ” Nicky said

” Yes, have a naked dinner party with you and your husband. ” Pamela said smiling ” Maybe stay the night. ”

” Oh mum. Well Gary will be impressed hes had a crush on you for years. ” Nicky replied. ” He would love to see you naked. ”

” Would he ? ” Errol replied.

” Oh yeh he often comments on you figure and how beautiful you are. ” Nicky replied.

” What about Chloe, I know she is a nudist at home with you and Gary. Do you think she would cope with her naked grandparents ? ” Pamela asked.

” Chloe. Look I would have to talk to her. As you say shes fine with Gary and I, but others I don’t know. ” Nicky replied.

” We don’t want to force her, if it means you and Gary come away to our place for the weekend. ” Errol replied. ” We don’t want to hurt or offend Chloe. We know Amber is overseas. ” He added.

” I will talk to her ok. ” Nicky said.

” Would you mind, shes your daughter. I know shes 17 but would you and Gary mind her been naked around us. ” Errol said.

” Look Chloe is old enough to make her own decisions. If she feels she wants to then she can. Its totally up to her. I don’t think my husband would have a issue with it. I sure don’t ok. ” Nicky replied.

Errol and Pamela lay next to Nicky playing with her breasts.

” You know, sex is what people make of it. People make rules about who can have sex with who. Make excuses about not having sex with someone, whether its a family member, your boss, age difference, married or attached. Sex is made to be enjoyed. People have a real problem with nudity. Fuck the human body is beautiful. Men have a penis, women have a vagina and breasts and if people want to express their bodies with being naked around others or have sex with who they chose. Then if they are not hurting anyone. So be it. Peole would scoff at me fucking dad, being in bed naked with my parents. We enjoy it, we are not hurting anybody, its consensual. My sisters would not understand but. I kind of like it. Im glad you joined us mum. ” Nicky said. ” You have a smoking hot body. ” Nicky added fondling her mothers breasts and kissing her lips.

” Even if she has fucked more men than you darling. ” Errol said to his daughter.

” I might have to catch up to mother then. ” Nicky said.

” Competitions on. ” Pamela said smiling at her husband. Errol smiled back.

” Yes well. We will see. ” Nicky replied. ” But I must admit been with a man having sex while your husband is in the house letting you. ” Sounds so so appealing.

” Why don’t we go to a restaurant tomorrow night for dinner and Chloe. We would love to see out lovely grand daughter. ” Pamela replied

” Ok. We will. ” Nicky replied.

” Well Errol hows your cock ? ” Pamela said

” Good dear. ” He said.

” Good your wife wants to be fucked. ”

Nicky lay on the bed as her parents had sex. Th She couldn’t believe she has watched it. Her father on top of her mother pounding her wet pussy.

Next morning they woke. Nicky looked at the clock. Her father was spooning her. Her mother on her back her breasts out the sheet draped over her stomach.

She got up and went to the shower. Her father joined her. Her father bent her over doggy style ramming into her pussy. A few thrusts he erupted inside her. She dried and walked to the lounge naked been greeted by her naked mother.

” Morning dear. Early morning fuck in the shower I see. ” Pamela said

” Morning mum. ” Nicky said reaching for her underwear. ” Something like that. ”

” Have to go so soon. ”

” Yeh work to do at the office then go home and tidy up after my husband and daughter. ” She wrapped her bra around her chest sliding her arms in hiding her breasts. ” Thanks for the new underwear though. ” She said smiling at her mother as her father walked out his penis swinging from side to side.

She reached for her dress putting it on then her heels. She stuffed her stockings in the bag and did her hair. She put on make up and straightened herself.

” See you tonight dear ? ” Her mother said

” For tea yes. I will let them know. ” Nicky said smiling. She kissed her parents good bye and headed for her car.

She got in and sat for a minute. Thinking of the night before, she thought she was just going to be fucking her father, her mother was a nice surprise. Knowing about their new life as Voyeurs. Nicky knew her husband and daughter would be waking up this morning together. How many times they had sex last night while she was fucking her father. Both mother and daughters fucking their fathers. It made Nicky’s pussy wet.

She drove to her office and changed into her other clothes incase they were home when she got home. Her daughter would be wondering why mum was dressed up. She wasn’t when she left for work the day before. Although her husband knew exactly where she was.

She knew Chloe thought that her father took her mothers virginity at 18. But didn’t realise it was 17 with her father.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.