Ex Gang Member

Dean was a sixteen year old boy who had been the leader of a much feared and violent street gang, the gang had a very bad reputation for their violence even other street gangs feared them and would not venture into their area, shop keepers paid protection money to the gang to stay safe one … Continue reading Ex Gang Member


Steve was a sixteen year old thug boy, he had been the leader of a street gang but after a lot of police action campaigning against street gangs lots of gangs including Steve’s gang disbanded much to the great relieve of many law abiding citizens. After a month of no gang Steve was starting to … Continue reading Staff

For Cash

Sixteen year old Tracy was walking home from school across the waste ground, it was cold and drizzling with rain, Tracy knew that when she got home the house would be cold, her mum was on benefits and could not afford to have the heating on for long, as Tracy walked she Amy saw a … Continue reading For Cash

Cost To Squat

The school had stood empty for over six months, it had been closed due to cut backs, everything inside had been taken out and given to other schools now the building stood empty. Then plans were announced to demolish the building and build an office block, there were many objections to the plans but the … Continue reading Cost To Squat

More Money

Sara was sixteens year old and lived on a very rough run down estate where she was known as being racist, homophobic and violent she was always in trouble with the police and was forever bunking off school, Sara drank cheap cider that she often stole from the shops where she lived, the shop keepers … Continue reading More Money