Angela sat looking at Marie. Marie smiling back. Angela licked up the base of the strap on and put the knob in her mouth circling it. She then licked back down the shaft and back up. She smiled as she put it in her mouth sucking it and stroking the shaft. Marie sat fondling Angela’s … Continue reading Healing


They stood embracing. Marie smelling Angela’s perfume. She felt Angela’s breasts against hers. Angela loved the feel of another woman. They both leant back, they stood close their hands on each others hips looking at each other. Their eyes looking at each other. At the same time they leant in kissing, their lips meeting. They … Continue reading Counsellor

Unbelievable Lesbian Experience with In-Laws! – Part 2

Well, this is Sangeeta back again with the Part 2 of my story “Unbelievable Lesbian Experience with In-Laws – Part 2”. In Part-1 of my story I left off when some sexual spark was discretely ignited between me and my mother-n-law as she seduced me in the kitchen and made some advances and then later … Continue reading Unbelievable Lesbian Experience with In-Laws! – Part 2

The Bath

There was a major power cut on the run down housing estate following an explosion at the power station, there was no lighting, heating and hot water on the estate for four days, many residents of the estate had gone to stay with relatives or friends, others stayed on the estate using candles torches and … Continue reading The Bath