My Sister learned today

So one day my mom comes at me and my sister and says that funds are tight and we can’t afford to take separate showers anymore. Me just starting to mature at the ripe age of 16 was not ok with my younger little sister seeing my developing penis. Me myself have never seen a naked girl in person, only on pornhub. I told my mom that I was not on board with this but it was final. I couldn’t imagine my little sister that was a year younger than me being on board with such a thought of showering naked with her older brother. I asked my mom if we could wear our swim clothes, she said yes. Granted, shower time was my masturbating time. Just complete privacy with me and my maturing penis. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have masturbated in that shower. It was just like clockwork every time to get work on getting that full release. Looks like I can’t do that anymore. My loads have gotten so much larger as the months gone on. I felt like there no limits. Later in the evening I was jerking off. My penis throbbing from the dirty mental pictures collected from various pornos and the thought of my little sister naked popped in my head and I just blew my load instantly. I just kept cumming and cumming. I’ve never came so much until today. I didn’t know what to make of it. From then on I knew who I was gonna think about my little sister if I was gonna cum like that.

As the time kept creeping closer to shower time I couldn’t stop thinking of my little sisters naked body in close quarters with me. I’m putting on my swim trunks to meet up with my sister who’s wearing this hot bikini. I was glancing at her half naked body as she got into the shower first. She was more developed than I thought. She had perky, soft looking size breasts about the size of an orange along with a tight fit butt. Her bathing suit was small on her along with all of her sexual features were bulging out from the seams. I started getting swollen in the shorts which man it hard to keep my bulge under control. We were making small talk on our choice of cleaning products we use to try not to make it completely awkward. I could see she was red in the face as was I. I could see her taking looks at my new hairy body as I was washing shampoo out of my hair. Once it came time to take turns using the water her butt would gently brush against my penis. I’ve never felt anything more sensational. After turning around I was in awe as the soap was running down her breasts and the crack of her soft ass. With all my might I could not contain the beast in my shorts. I got a fully swollen penis instantly and as if it couldn’t have gotten worse she dropped the soap. As she came up her face touched my rock hard cock and before I could do anything she was staring right at my penis. I didn’t know what to do like a deer in the headlights as she was fixated on my penis teepee. I turned around to hide my embarrassment with my monkey ass red face. I proceeded to wash the rest of the soap off then left for my room.

The next day came and I’ve been awe struck all day on what went on in the shower. Getting boners constantly thinking that her face touched my cock.

I’ve gotten really sweaty so there was no avoiding a shower with my sister. So back at it again in the shower me having a borderline boner again. My sister then said something that shocked me.

“can I see your penis”?

“what? why?”

“I’ve wanted to see one in person and you’re my brother so I thought it won’t be bad if you’re helping your little sister”

“I mean its just weird and how do you know what a penis looks like?”

“Big brother you’ve been leaving your porn browsers open for about a year now so helped myself”.

“yeah I guess that is a little funny.”

“So can I see your penis then?”

“Yeah I guess just don’t tell mom ok I’m doing this for you.”

Like a page straight out of my erotic fantasies I pulled down my trunks and my throbbing erect penis, pre cum and all was staring my little sister in the face. She seemed so fascinated with it as she was observing it. “Its so big” she said with her face getting cherry red. “I’ve never seen a girl naked in person before. Can I see you naked?”

“Its like we’re in a porn uh big brother laughing as she takes her swim suit off. I wanted to nut everywhere when I saw her breasts after she said that. In some way it was like a porn but what now? Do I push my luck and tell her to touch me? Maybe a blowjob? I was freaking out on the inside. This was all happening so fast but I was so horny I didn’t care. Upon looking at my sisters erect nipples she was just as horny as me. So I just went for it and started touching her boobs. She was totally fine with it! The first boobs would be my little sisters who would have thought. I could feel that she was getting into it as I was rubbing here nipples with my finger tips. She grasped my hard cock with her tiny hands and started stroking my shaft all the way to my cum soaked head. She proceeded to play with my balls “they’re so big and hairy” she said.

“I could play with your boobs forever” I said as she kept slowly stroking my penis”.

I slowly made my way down to play with her pussy. It was getting hairy like mine but not so much. I rubbed my fingers ever so slowly up n down her vagina. It was already so wet from me playing with her tits. It was like nothing I’ve felt before as her body was twitching and cringing. This made her stroke my dick even faster. I started kissing her to muffle her moans of her cumming. We just kept going faster it got hotter and I could not contain my seamen any longer. I shot never ending hot cum all over my sister. “Just like the pornos huh little sister.”Even better than the pornos.”