The Shock

Sharon was a sixteen year old bully, in the town where she lived she was well known as a bully and had bullied most of the youngsters in the town, the only people she did not bully was her twelve year old brother Ken and his twin sister Amy plus a couple of her close … Continue reading The Shock

New Stock

Dawn was sixteen years old and known as the blonde haired beauty because of her shoulder length blonde hair and very good looks, Dawn came from a poor family and had a twelve year old brother called Tom both her parents were alcoholics and spent most of their time out getting drunk, Dawn saw an … Continue reading New Stock


The Take Over

England had been at war with Bangladesh for five years, the war was bloody and hard, it was expected that England would win the war but to the surprise of the world they never the government surrender and Bangladesh took control of the country, there were pockets of resistance fighters who put up strong fights … Continue reading The Take Over

The Two Timer

Tina was a girl who thought about one person and one person alone and that was her self, she did not care who she upset as long as she got what she wanted she did not care, a few people stopped being friends with her because of her selfish attitude, On her sixteenth birthday Tina … Continue reading The Two Timer


The sea was calm as the small ocean going yacht made it’s way through the waters, on board the yacht sixteen year old Mandy and her three classmates, Tina Karen and July were bad mouthing Colin who was two years younger than what they were, the four girls were well known racist trouble makers back … Continue reading Pirates

Never Alone

Dawn was a sixteen year racist violent thug who was well feared in the town where she lived, her sister Amy who was four years younger than Dawn was just as bad and was also well feared, the sisters were nicknamed the devil girls and had been banned from all the shops where they lived, … Continue reading Never Alone

The Hippies

Due to the local authority needing to safe money they closed the school on the out skirts of town and put it up for sale but before it could be sold a group of hippies got in and used the place as their home, the authority could not afford the cost of going to court … Continue reading The Hippies