The Derelict Site

The factory on the edge of town had been empty for twenty years and during that time the building had slowly fallen into disrepair, large parts of the roof had been blown off in gales, the copper wiring and piping had been ripped out by metal thieves, the building was now little more than a derelict shell with few people ever going there, twelve year old Pia and her twin brother were illegal immigrants who were often in the building as they knew it was a safe place to hide from cross boarder teams, it was a sunny afternoon when sixteen year old Mary walked into the building, Pia and Palash had seen her walking towards the building and hid, the pair watched as Mary dumped her bag on the floor and took her jumper off then started to undo her blouse and once it was open Mary took it off then unclipped her bra and removed it, Palash looked at Mary’s naked boobs and smiled and when she took her skirt off and slid her panties down and off Palash looked straight at her love tube, Mary turned Palash looked at her cute slim bum and thought naked white girl very nice, then Mary put jeans and tee shirt on and walked back out of the building and not long after sixteen year old Steve walked in and started to take his clothes off and after a couple of minutes was standing naked with Pia staring at his seven inch hairy dick and after a minutes Mary walked back in stared at Steve and smiled then took her tee shirt off followed by her jeans , Pia and Palash were looking at the two naked white teens enjoying the view, Pia saw Steve’s dick move and stared hard when it grew to a full nine inch erection, Steve and Mary started to snog and after awhile Palash saw that Mary’s nipples were erect and watched as Steve licked them and smiled when Mary started to stroke Steve;s dick and when Steve lay Mary down on the ground and knelt down between her legs and push his dick into Mary’s love tube and then started to thrust in and out Pia and Palash watched in disbelieve and after five minutes when Steve pulled his dick out of Mary’s love tube and squirted his cum in five spurts Pia gasped and said ” cool” after five minutes minutes Steve and Mary dressed and left the derelict building as they walked away they saw Mark Steve’s best mate who was in his class at school and when Mark asked them if there was anybody in the old factory Mary said ” yeah a couple of kids we stripped naked and fucked we could see them watching us, Marked smiled and walked up to the old factory as he got there he saw Pia darting behind a pillar and smiled then started to undo his jeans, Pia’s eyes went wild when she saw Mark’s eight inch erection spring into view and watched as he started to jerk it and after five minutes when Mark squirted his cum in three long spurts Pia thought wow two white boys in the same night with stiff dicks and squirting their muck it is going to be fun here and the following night was watching as Steve Mary and Mark all stripped naked and watched as the two boys took turns in thrusting in and out of Mary’s love tube and smiled when she saw both boys squirt their cum over Mary’s body, both Pia and Palash watched most nights as the three teens had naked sex neither Palash or Pia had any idea that the teens knew they were there and watching them and that they enjoyed being watched.