Abdul was a twelve year old Bengali boy who lived with his grandmother in a very quiet secluded street on the edge of town, to earn him self some pocket money he did little odd jobs in the street where he lived and today he was  picking up the dead leaves in the garden of the lady who lived next door to his grandmother lived he knew that the lady who lived in the house where he was working was out at work, he also knew that the lady’s daughter was sixteen years of age and was still at school but he also knew that Dawn would be home from school very soon. Abdul had already picked one bag full of leaves and had just to fill up a second bag with leaves when he heard the house burglar alarm ring for a few seconds then stop, he knew that this meant that Dawn had just got home from school and as he looked at the French windows he saw Dawn enter the lounge her long blonde hair not tied up in the normal pony tail that she had it in, from where he was in the garden Abdul watched Dawn as she threw her back on to the floor then kick it before leaving the lounge after a few minutes Dawn returned with a drink, Abdul noticed that Dawn was no longer wearing her jumper or school tie, he then saw Dawn kick her shoes off, Abdul was about to carry on picking up the leaves when he saw Dawn start to unbutton her blouse and instead of picking up the leaves he watched Dawn as she unbuttoned each button on her blouse and when the buttons were finally all open Dawn took the blouse off and dropped it on the sofa, Abdul looked Dawn who was standing wearing no blouse just a blue bra, as he looked he saw Dawns skirt drop to the floor and watched wide eyed as Dawn picked it up folded it and put it on top of her blouse then reach behind her back and after a few seconds Abdul gasped as Dawns bra dropped and he could see her naked boobs then after dropping her bra on her other clothes Dawn slid her panties down and took them off and stood naked< Abdul was looking at the sixteen year old naked white girl admiring her ample sized boobs and hairless love tube after a minute or two Abdul watched as Dawn started rubbing her love tube, after a minute Dawn stopped rubbing between her legs and picked her phone up then after a few minutes put it away again picked up her clothes and left, Abdul waited and after a short while Dawn returned fully clothed, then after a few minutes left again, Abdul started picking up leaves again but kept glancing at the French windows. Upstairs in the house Dawn was peeping out of her bedroom window and looking down at Abdul who was picking up the leaves as she did she thought to herself ” I hope you enjoyed the free show you just had ” Abdul saw Dawn’s best friend Tin enter the lounge and after ten minutes was looking at a naked  Tina thinking wow I have seen two naked white girls in one day both with big tits wonder if I will seen Dawns sister naked she is very cute.