Free Show

Asif was sat on the swing in the garden of the house that his family had just moved into, he was not happy at all he would rather his family had not moved fro their previous home where he had been happy and where all his mates were, he did not know anyone where he … Continue reading Free Show

Boxing Boy

Steve was a sixteen year old tearaway who had caused lots of problems in the community where he lived, many people were scared of him and stayed out of his way others were not worried by him and treated him like they did anyone else, Steve then took up boxing and became good at it … Continue reading Boxing Boy

New House

The housing estate was one of the biggest in the country there were loads of people living on it and twelve year old Martin had just moved into a house on the estate with his parents and he knew nobody on the estate, his mum and dad worked very late not getting home till very … Continue reading New House