Zahira is looking bold in her knee length skirt as well as sleeveless kurti. She is looking hot as her lips are rosy and sexy tits making a nice image of two peaks (of mountain range) as her round dome shaped ass is swinging in her skirt. I am sure she is in G string, so her ass is swinging while walking as G string doesn’t covers the full ass, it has wide and long strips to cover the genital portion only. We both are in Lotus temple as she hold my wrist tightly while walking towards it back, a nice greenery is there and lastly we are sitting on grass behind a dense bush.

Zahira and Garry is sitting with their legs straight as I put my hand on her thigh and lifted her skirt upto her waist, looking at me she smiled but she is bit shy as her face moves down, now my palm is moving on her soft thighs as we are sitting closer and I can see her black coloured panty. My palm is now on her panty as I can feel her soft labias on it, rubbing my palm on her panty, she is bit horny as she hold my wrist and put away my hand but on her soft breast. While massaging her breast I can see her hand on the bulge of my penis and lastly, Zahira unzipped my jeans and I took out my long cock. We both are sitting behind a dense bush as no one can see us except people in this squarish lawn. As no one is here, we are enjoying oral sex as she hold my cock tightly in her palms, I started pulling her panty down to legs. She took it out and put her panty in his purse as my palm is on her nude labias feeling the soft touch of her vulva. Zahira stretched her legs wide as I took her on my thigh to sit. Now I pushed my long finger in her hot cunt as she is masturbating my cock. Zahira put her arms on my shoulder as she is kissing my lips and I took her tongue in my mouth to suck as she is masturbating my cock.

I left her tongue as she is curious to suck my cock. Zahira is sitting in front of me as she leaned her face to hold my cock, now her lower portion is on her knees as her upper portion is on her elbows. Zahira hold my cock as her tongue is rolling on it, now her skirt is above her sexy ass as my hand is moving on her round dome shaped ass. Zahira took my penis in her mouth as I pushed my long finger in her vagina to fuck. She is sucking my long cock as her face is moving fast and my finger is moving fast inside her vagina. Later on, I can feel her vagina wet as I took out my finger from it and put the finger in my mouth to suck. Zahira left my penis as I moved behind her ass, now her hot ass is inviting me for fuck but its risky, so I put my tongue in her vagina and licked her hole to taste the cum. We both are sitting on grass as her lower parts are well covered while my cock is out of jeans. Looking at me, she said….. “Garry I want to taste your cum. ” As my penis is in her palm, she bend herself to took it in her mouth to suck. She is sucking it with her mouth moving at a great speed and my hand is on her breast to massage. She took out my wet cock as her tongue is licking my penis, its too hot as her mouth took my long cock again to suck and she sucked it as I screamed…… “Ooh zahira drink my cum darling. ” And my penis ejaculated cum in her mouth. She got the taste of sperms as her lips are covered with it, she washed her face as we both took rest there.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.